Florida Schools and the Coronavirus Outbreak

FEA is collecting useful information, FAQs and links for educators, education staff professionals, and other school employees about the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. Page updated April 24.

Important Links

FLDOE memos

  • May 13 Emergency Order extending educator certificates through December 31, 2020.
  • March 31 memo, closing schools through May 1.
  • March 24 memo (PDF, 755 K) to Superintendents setting goal of implementing distance learning by March 30.
  • March 18 Q&A (PDF, 884 K), additional guidance and clarification regarding the Department’s guidance to school districts related to COVID-19 closures
  • March 17 Guidance, closing all schools through April 15, 2020.

COVID Q&As for Florida Educators

Updated March 31; Posted March 19

Read some common questions educators have about Florida’s students, schools and employees during the coronavirus pandemic. We will be updating this list when new information becomes available.

Distance Learning Resources for Educators and Parents

Updated April 30; Posted March 24

FEA has collected a number of resource for educators and parents to engage in education and distance learning while Florida’s schools are closed due to the COVID pandemic.

Guidance for Educators During Distance Learning

Posted April 30

With most educators conducting distance learning FEA is reminding members of the recommended social media guidelines, never to text students, and how to safely and securely use Google Voice if instructed. (Note: you must be logged in to view these pages).

Q&As and Resources for Parents

Posted March 23

With Florida’s schools closed until at least April 15, we’ve collected some common questions and resources for parents — including links for meals for students in need.

Legislative and Action Updates for COVID-19

Updated April 13; Posted March 19

This is a collection of information about the CARES Act (aka the federal COVID-19 relief legislation) and ways members can to take action to protect students, educators, healthcare professionals and working people.

Member Benefit Resources and Links

Updated April 30; Posted March 20

FEA members and their families enjoy a robust year-round program of member benefits. See what additional resources our benefit partners are providing to help members deal with the COVID pandemic — including info about Student Loan Forgiveness.

FEA Statewide Town Hall on COVID-19

Posted March 27; Transcript added March 30

FEA members, officers and the presidents of AFT and NEA (our national union affiliates) came together for a statewide virtual town hall meeting on COVID-19 and its impact on public education. Watch the town hall or read the transcript.

Posted March 20

The AFL-CIO, the national federation of unions, representing 12.5 million working people has updated When the Paycheck Stops: An AFL-CIO Survival Guide to Unemployment (PDF, 3MB) to include information about COVID-19.

Once again, you spoke and Tallahassee listened.

All Temporary and Professional certificates that would have expired June 30, 2020 are extended to December 31, 2020 to allow teachers to complete certification courses and tests.

Read a PDF of Commissioner Corcoran’s full Emergency Order granting the extension.