To help integrate holidays and special observances into your classroom, here's a list of events, Including resources and activities that cover a variety subjects which can be adapted to fit multiple grade levels.

  • Cesar Chavez Day (March 31)
  • Delegate Assembly
  • Earth Day (April 22)

  • ESP Day (Wednesday of American Education Week in November)

    Education Support Professionals (ESP) Day focuses on the importance of these school employees, who take care of students every day, making sure they have the tools they need to succeed in school. 
  • Internet Safety Month (June)
    Modern technology and the Internet have opened the door to a plethora of new opportunities to learn. It is now easier to research, communicate and study, thanks to advances in technology. Find internet safety curriculum.

  • National Hispanic Heritage Month  

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 44 million people living in the United States are of Hispanic origin. That's about 14 percent of us! It is essential that all students learn to understand the ethnic diversity that is our country.

  • National School Nurses Day (April 8)
  • National Safety Month (April)

  • National School Breakfast Week ( March 4-8)
    Eating a healthy and having a balanced breakfast are key to learning. Without the proper nutrition, academic progress suffers. The research is clear: eating breakfast at school helps children perform better. Studies of school breakfast programs have found that students who eat breakfast at school show improved academic achievement.
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