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FEA has previously cautioned its members about using their classroom time, positions or school district resources or equipment to encourage students or parents to “opt out” of high-stakes testing.  The cautionary note has been sounded to minimize the likelihood that education professionals will be subjected to discipline for taking such actions while performing their jobs.  While educators retain their right to free speech, school districts also have the right to assure that employees do not utilize their classrooms and official positions for such advocacy or conduct activities in a manner which impairs efficiency and integrity in the discharge of official duties.  The exercise of protected speech is not without bounds.
That being said, our concern for our members should not be construed as FEA opposition to the “opt out” movement or disagreement with the goals of “opt out” organizations which seek to encourage wholesale refusals by parents to continue to participate in such high-stakes testing of students.
Anyone wanting further information about opting a student out of testing should, utilizing their personal computer and not a school district’s services or equipment, consult The Opt Out Florida Network for guidance.  Such information may be obtained at:


2014-2016 Opt Out Guide:
Special Opt Out group for 3rd Grade:
Locating Local Opt Out Group:



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