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Fighting for Every Student, Every School, Every Day

Did your legislator protect public education during the last two legislative sessions? For the past two decades the Legislature has graded teachers, education staff professionals and schools, as well as students. The Florida Education Association decided it’s about time that legislators get a grade for their work as well. Click here to see how your state legislator scored.

FEA, partners team up for teacher-driven project to improve schools

PALATKA – The Florida Education Association (FEA) announced this week the launch of a new teacher-driven initiative to improve public schools and help them better serve Florida’s students.

The program’s initial implementation focuses on five schools in Putnam County and was announced Tuesday at the county School Board meeting. The Putnam Project unites four organizations — FEA, the Putnam Federation of Teachers-United (PFT/U), the Schultz Center for Teaching and Leadership and the Putnam County School District — in a collaborative, 16-month effort to improve schools. This pilot project is designed to build a sustainable model of school improvement based on good teaching practices and tailored to individual school needs, with the ultimate goal of providing all students in our public schools with the best possible education. Click here to learn more.


For public education, the budget boils down to just 47 cents

To hear some Florida lawmakers and Gov. Rick Scott tell it, public education came out a big winner in the 2018-2019 budget.

Big winner? Only if you can get excited about 47 cents.

Public education’s funding increase works out to a total of $101.50 per student across the state. Subtract from that all the money pegged for safety measures and other specific purposes, and education is left with an increase of 47 cents per pupil for the base student allocation.

Read more about how the budget worked out (or didn't) for education.

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