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Florida's Educators and Parents say: Fund Our Future!

Our children need you to take the first step. You can be part of a movement to save and improve our public schools.

Please join your fellow community members who share your concerns about the direction that Florida’s education system is taking.

On Saturday, May 18th public education stakeholders will convene in Orlando for an open conversation about the future of education and we need your voice in the room. Click here to learn more.

Fund Our Future is a statewide campaign to advocate for and shine a light on the needs of Florida’s public school students. Fund Our Future is a statewide campaign to advocate for and shine a light on the needs of Florida’s public school students.

We believe the path to achieving a world-class education system is grounded in three principles: investment in our neighborhood public schools, student success, recruit & retain. All three of these principles support one overarching goal: Fund Our Future.

Brevard Teachers Rallied for Competitive Pay

Brevard County teachers, students, support staff, parents, firefighters, letter carriers, machinists, and community members rallied in front of the School Board of Brevard County in support of competitive wages for Brevard’s public schoolteachers and support staff. The board room filled up quickly, with both overflows being opened. People lined the walls and sat on the ground, and some people who came to the public meeting were even turned away.

Brevard’s teachers are above average in performance, second in experience in the state, yet are paid $1,103 below the state average. A spokesperson for the district cited security as a reason why teachers were not getting a competitive pay offer. “The idea that teachers should have to choose between a living wage and the safety of their classrooms is a shame,” said Vanessa Skipper, Vice President of the Brevard Federation of Teachers. All districts received the same FEFP funding from the state and many have already given their employees a raise that keeps up with inflation, and in many cases, exceeds it. “We passed the half cent tax to help with many aspects of school security. Not only has it added funds for this purpose, but the funds generated have come in at higher than expected. The idea that there isn’t money to give us a raise that is competitive with our contiguous and comparable counties is inaccurate,” said Anthony Colucci, President of the Brevard Federation of Teachers.

Fedrick Ingram elected FEA president

ORLANDO — Nearly 1,000 delegates attending the Florida Education Association’s annual Delegate Assembly have elected FEA Vice President Fedrick C. Ingram as the organization’s new president.

Ingram has served as FEA vice president for the past three years and succeeds Joanne McCall. Previously, Ingram was president of the United Teachers of Dade and spent 10 years in the classroom as a music teacher and band leader.

Elected along with Ingram at the Delegate Assembly were his election running mates, Andrew Spar and Carole Gauronskas. Spar, president of the Volusia United Educators and secretary-treasurer of the Florida AFL-CIO, was elected FEA vice president, succeeding Ingram in that role. Click here to read more.









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