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The decertification bill has been brought back from the dead in the form of HB 25. It will be heard in its ONLY House committee stop tomorrow at 10:30AM. Don't let your voice be silenced. Contact your representative today! Click here to call or send them an email. 

You can also contact a member of the Government Accountability Committee through a hotline that the Florida AFL-CIO set up. Call (855) 235-2469 to be connected with a state representative on the Government Accountability Committee. Leave them with the message that you reject this clear assault on workers' rights and urge them to vote NO on HB 25.

Trumps order to end DACA endangers students

We believe that all students deserve to have the support and tools to learn and learning environments that encourage and nurture them. By rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, President Trump has narrowed those opportunities for the 800,000 young people who are DACA program recipients - many of which live in Florida. Click here to learn about how you can help protect dreamers.

Las Vegas - how do we talk to our kids?

Although we would like to keep our children away from the news of the shooting, they will know that something bad has happened. And they will have many questions that will be difficult to answer. The incident in Las Vegas is now the worst mass shooting in American history, taking the Pulse murders' spot in this horrifying statistic. There is no way to make sense of these murderous acts, especially for our students. But, as educators we must find a way to help our students come to terms with these kinds of events. 

Below are several links that we've compiled to help our members know how to talk to their students.

How to talk to your students about the Las Vegas mass shooting

NEA's site on school safety

Helping children cope with a traumatic event

  • AFT: Trauma
    Understanding the role of trauma in children’s brain development is essential to establishing effective behavioral interventions in schools.

  • NEA Healthy Futures School Crisis Guide
    Knowing what to do in a crisis can be the difference between stability and upheaval. This step-by-step resource created by educators for educators can make it easier for union leaders, school district administrators, and principals to keep schools safe — before, during and after a crisis. 
  • National Child Traumatic Stress Network                  
    NCTSN has several PDFs and other resources for helping parents and children deal with catastrophic mass violence events, including parent tips for helping school-age children after disasters, which lists children’s reactions with examples of how parents should respond and what they should say.
  • Talking to Children About Tragedies and Other News Events 
    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) encourages parents, teachers, child care providers and others who work closely with children to filter information about the crisis and present it in a way that their child can accommodate, adjust to, and cope with.
  • How to Help Kids Feel Safe After Tragedy
    It's normal for both adults and kids to feel anxious after such a publicly devastating event, but there are things you can do to minimize the stress and maintain a sense of normalcy.
  • Incidents of Mass Violence
    Learn about who is most at risk for emotional distress from incidents of mass violence and where to find disaster-related resources. 

Sadly, we know that many of our students have or will face traumas and violence in their lives. We know this is heartbreaking to us all just as we know our members will do everything in their power to help their students grapple with the after effects of these events.

The long road to recovery from Hurricane Irma is still underway. FEA is helping coordinate recovery efforts for members affected in the state, in addition to collecting donations. Below is some of the highlighted information that we have found that may be most useful for our members. We will continue updating our site as information becomes available. Click here for information that we have found most useful for those members affected by the storm's aftermath.

Click below to donate to the recovery effort.


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