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As we begin the 2020-2021 school year, the priority of the Florida Education Association will always be the safety of students, educators, and communities as we work towards the vision of equitable public schools for all. Not too long ago, teachers ran code reds and barricaded doors to protect their students and today we face a new threat to education safety in the form of a pandemic.

We stand strong in solidarity with safety at the front of our minds. Together, we ask the aspiring educators of Florida to keep “Safe Schools” as their focus for the 2020-2021 school year. As a community – virtually or face to face – we fight to promote safe schools as a priority for universities, public schools, state leaders, policy makers, and our nation as a whole.

The theme “Safe Schools” is not just limited to our current COVID-19 reality. Aspiring educators, teachers, education staff, students, and families face threats every day that impact their safety and wellbeing – food insecurity, poverty, school shootings, poor mental health, underfunded public schools, underpaid education professionals, crumbling infrastructure, bullying, abuse, racism and discrimination – “safe schools” is a theme that doesn’t end with the pandemic. In support of our 2020-2021 theme, we ask that aspiring educators participate in a “Safe Schools Day” on the 20th of every month sharing their vision of a “safe school” through social media posts, donation drives, community projects, and other chapter engagement ideas. Tag #SafeSchoolsFL and use example prompts below when posting.

With “Safe Schools” as the focus for 2020-2021, below are the SFEA monthly themes for promotion of the education profession. We invite all aspiring educators of Florida to post on social media every month to share their story and learn from others.

Are you enrolled in a college/university studying to become a teacher?

Do you want to join with 50,000 other aspiring educators and begin to have a voice in your profession?

Then join the Student FEA today! All levels of students pursuing teaching are eligible for membership ($31/year).

We believe in excellence in teacher quality and the importance of community outreach for student success. We are a united voice for our profession and in fulfilling the promise that all children have the human and civil right to a free, quality public education.

Student FEA provides a unique opportunity to be involved in our professional organization prior to beginning their career as educators. As members of the most influential group for aspiring educators, we have the power to have our voices heard. We are empowered advocates who are passionate about our students, the preservation of public education and becoming leaders who will act with passion and knowledge as we grow in our profession.

Joining Student FEA also provides members with access to:

  • Professional development through workshops and conferences specifically
    designed for the needs of aspiring educators
  • Mentoring & networking opportunities with practicing educators
  • Community outreach projects
  • Economic benefits through FEA ACCESS card
  • $3 million for professional liability and legal services for internship
  • Leadership opportunities and a chance to affect change in areas like teacher education, education legislation, and certification requirements

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SFEA 2019-20 officers:

PRESIDENT: Jairus R. Williams – FAMU (jairus1.williams@famu.edu)

PRESIDENT-ELECT: Alana Rigby – FSU (amr18w@my.fsu.edu)

SECRETARY/HISTORIAN: Karla Sanabria Matos – UCF (karlasanabria1@knights.ucf.edu)

SFEA SOCIAL MEDIA: Kaitlyn Montcrieff – UCF (kmontcri@gmail.com)


Student FEA’s 2020-21 theme: Safe Schools

2020-21 Monthly Themes

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