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The Florida Education Association’s monthly podcast is your source for lively discussion from educators, parents and students on the issues that matter most to public education in Florida. Each episode you will hear the struggles and the successes in our schools directly from rank-and-file educators as well as local union leaders from around the state.

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Be the Change

Episode 9

Being an educator is always hard work. As we enter the third school year impacted by Covid, being an educator is harder than ever. Before the start of the 2021-22 school year, we sat down with a veteran high school history teacher to discuss the upcoming school year. Filled with equal parts optimism and concern for the year ahead, Elizabeth Rasmussen shares the importance of taking charge, engaging in advocacy and being the change she wants to see.

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Show Me the Money

Episode 8

Florida’s fiscal year starts on July 1 and for the first time our state’s budget exceeds $100 billion. Despite the record level of funding, this budget again budget fails veteran teachers, the experienced professionals we’re struggling to keep in classrooms, and it fails to reward the support staff who are essential to educating our students. You’ll hear details on the new state budget including what it will mean for student, educators, and schools along with a discussion of how educators can regain control of the profession moving forward.

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Vouchers for All? Buyer Beware

Episode 7

Buried on the Florida Department of Education website is on sentence that informs parents diplomas from private schools that accept vouchers might not be considered valid by colleges or employers. Unfortunately, many students and parents find out too late that voucher school education leaves them unprepared for life after school. In this episode, we talk to a parent whose son fell victim to such a school as well as an education advocate who helps students and parents who suffer in Florida’s voucher schools.

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Vouchers for All?

Episode 6

For years, the Florida legislature has been chipping away at public education in an attempt to have a wholly privatized system. This legislative session, House Bill 7045 will provide for a massive expansion of vouchers to unaccountable private and religious schools. In the first episode of a two-part series, we explore the harm that continued privatization of schools inflicts on Florida’s most vulnerable students and communities.

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If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

Episode 5

Promises made should be promises kept, but a bill moving through the Florida Senate now would break the promise of retirement security for educators by undermining the Florida Retirement System. Three educators sit down to discuss this very important issue.

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Let's Get Ready to Bubble!

Episode 4

You will not want to miss this month’s podcast where three powerful education advocates, including UTD President Karla Matz, sit down to discuss this year’s standardized tests, whether there should be any high-stakes consequences and if students and parents should just opt out of the state testing altogether.

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Annual Contract Dilemma & A Shot in the Arm

Episode 3

During this pandemic, teachers and support staff have demonstrated loyalty to their students and public education. But, this loyalty is not being reciprocated. In this episode, we’ll hear from an annual contract teacher about how her lack of job security impacts herself, her colleagues and their students. In the second segment, the lack of loyalty extended to educators will be explored with two teachers from Brevard discuss the rollout of the Covid vaccine and Gov. DeSantis’ decision to set aside CDC recommendations to prioritize educators in vaccine distribution.

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Payable Divisions

Episode 2

How would you feel about working a job for 10 -15 years and a new employee without comparable experience is hired to work the same job at your current salary? Florida’s experienced teachers find themselves in just that predicament after the passage of the Teacher Salary Allocation (TSA). On this episode we’re joined by educators from three school districts who share the pros and cons of the TSA and what actions they say state legislators need to take to make all teachers whole.

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Covid Conundrum

Episode 1

We talk with members and leaders from the Alachua County Education Association and Broward Teachers Union. Hear firsthand how educators are working against all odds to keep students safe and healthy while also providing the best education possible. All that, and more as we tackle how to grapple with this Covid Conundrum.

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