Standing up for public education

Voters throughout Florida showed their support for our students and educators in this year’s election, with referendums benefitting local public schools passing in multiple counties. Floridians want strong public schools! Let’s join together to ensure that every child can get the education they deserve and need at a fully staffed and well-funded public school. Finding solutions for the teacher and staff shortage can help our students succeed.

2023 Legislative Session:
Advocating for our Students and Educators

The 60-day legislative session began on March 7. This is an opportunity for lawmakers to tackle the growing teacher and staff shortage in Florida. As always, our members will be standing up and speaking out for their students, schools and profession.

In the Spirit of Dr. King

For more than 20 years the St. Johns Education Association (SJEA) has played a leading role in their community's celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King. The local union coordinates annual MLK poster and essay contests which provide students a creative context to learn about and memorialize the civil rights leader. Read more about — and see and hear some of last year's entrants in — the contests SJEA helps organize each year as part of the Dr. Martin Luther King Celebration Committee of St. Johns County.


Keep an eye out for FEA’s magazine

If it hasn’t appeared at your home already, The Advocate magazine will arrive soon. Along with a message from FEA leadership and a preview of the upcoming legislative session, find uplifting stories about how our local unions and their members are supporting students, helping out each other, and contributing to their communities. Featured on the cover of this issue is teacher and member Cori Lake Walls, who is on a mission to see that students get support in dealing with grief over the loss of a loved one. Find some of our featured articles here.

FEA: While the governor seeks to divide, we seek to unite

Gov. DeSantis continues to show that anyone who is not in lockstep with him will face his ire. Whether the target is Disney, an elected state attorney, school board members, school district superintendents or now our caring teachers and staff, his M.O. has been ‘do what I say, or else.’ At the Florida Education Association, we stand united to make sure every child’s education is full of excitement and love of learning that prepares them for college or the workforce. Attacks will not deter us.

Being called into a meeting with your supervisor or an administrator can seem daunting. It’s important to stay calm and remember your right to representation, also known as your “Weingarten Rights”

HB 7 & HB 1557 Guidance

During the 2022 legislative session several bills were passed that have had a chilling effect on what we teach in our classrooms and how we interact with our students. FEA has produced guidance on HB 1557, also known as the Don’t Say Gay bill, and information regarding your rights and frequently asked questions about teaching history. FEA believes that our strength is in our unity, and we will continue to focus on our core mission of making sure every child receives the education they deserve and need regardless of race, zip code, income, disability status, gender, or sexual orientation.

Get involved with the movement to protect public education!

Florida Education Association members believe in the bold promise of public education for all. Together we stand up and speak out for student success, opportunity and professional excellence.

United, our 150,000 members make up the the state’s largest labor union of professional employees and are each committed to helping every student unlock their full potential. Here’s how:

Teacher and Child


When given the resources and opportunity, teachers can use their training and experience to help every student unlock his or her full potential. Learn more about our teacher members.

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Education staff professionals

Valued education professionals interact with each student throughout the school day — all are a vital part of ensuring their success. Learn more about our education staff professional members.

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Higher education faculty and graduate assistants

Our higher ed members are committed to opportunity student success at the post-secondary level. Learn more about United Faculty of Florida.


Finished with their professional journey, retired educators continue honoring their commitment to great public education for all students. Learn more about FEA-Retired.

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Education students

Student FEA represents the future educators of Florida. Their unwavering commitment to student success is the key to a bright future. Learn more about Student FEA.

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Early career educators

FEA engages early career educators through identifying and connecting their core values to our union values of integrity, advocacy, respect and empowerment. Learn more about FYRE.