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President Samantha Barrell

            Welcome! My name is Samantha Barrell and I am your Student Florida Education Association (SFEA) State President for the 2016 – 2017 school year. I am currently a second semester senior at the University of Central Florida (GO KNIGHTS) majoring in Early Childhood Education and am about to complete my full time teaching internship in Orange County Public Schools.

            Whether you realize it or not, by joining Student FEA, you just gained a whole bunch of brothers and sisters in education and in life! I’d like to share my Student Florida Education Association story or what I like to call my union story because yes, you are now a member of the largest labor union in the country!

I stumbled upon the Student Florida Education Association by accident. I was a sophomore who had just moved out of pending status and figured I should get involved in a club that was related to my major. Little did I know that the club I chose would not only open many doors for me with regards to the education profession but would also provide me with opportunities to advocate for students rights, be involved with causes that are near and dear to my heart in addition to having the ability to travel to different cities and states to discuss education issues, increase my preparation for the classroom through free professional development and just network with other educators and aspiring educators, making lifelong friendships.

            With that being said, I can share that being part of Student FEA has been way more than a club or just liability insurance, it has helped shape me both into the person I always thought I would be! I always wanted to be a champion for our children both inside and outside the classroom and thanks to the Student Florida Education Association I truly feel that I am that champion and will continue to be that champion as I enter my own classroom. So take advantage of all that we have to offer! Participate in the online professional development sessions, get your two free magazines, you will have liability coverage for when you enter the classroom or do any observations, use your discounts through the mobile apps, attend your local chapter meetings and activities, (if you don’t have a campus chapter, start one!), road trip with your friends to the state conference in February and fly with your friends to the national conference next summer!

            There is so much that the Student Florida Education Association has to offer and it is all at your fingertips! Once again welcome and I look forward to not only getting to know you but also seeing you grow throughout your time with the Student Florida Education Association!

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