Join Your Union

As an educator joining your union is a critical part of your drive for student success and professional excellence.

Becoming a member lets you take ownership of your profession and have a voice in the decisions that affect your students and your career.

Join with the 150,000 other members of the Florida Education Association. 

Together we’re fighting for good jobs, fair pay, safe working and learning conditions, and respect on the job.

Find and join your local union today!

Joining your local union connects you to a national movement of educators 4-million members strong. Use the form to contact your local union and join today!

There are many good reasons to join your union and the nearly 150,000 members of the Florida Education Association, including:

A voice on the job

Acting alone we can only do so much. But being active and engaged in your union gives you a powerful, collective voice about the future of teaching and learning.


Your local union and FEA are grassroots organizations run by and for their members. Every member has a vote.


Educators in Florida join their union because they want respect and the right to continually improve their professional practice.

You're part of a national movement

Your local union membership includes membership in the Florida Education Association as well as our two national affiliates, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association (NEA).

Strength in Numbers

Union members negotiate local contracts covering nearly every aspect of their work lives and take collective action for their students, schools and communities.

Professional growth and development

You have the opportunity to grow as an educator by collaborating with colleagues in your district, across the state and around the country.