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FEA Receives LULAC Recognition 

Latino students are the fastest‐growing segment of the public school population and make up nearly one in five public school students. Yet, the achievement gap between Latino students and their peers remains wide. The FEA has partnered with The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) to improve academic opportunities for Latino students and explore strategies to encourage greater parent involvement.
FEA Norma Cress and Jose Fernández LULAC Florida State Director

During LULAC 2012 state convention in Tampa, FEA staff member Norma Cress accepted a recognition award from The League of United Latin American Citizens, acknowledging the role the union has played in helping LULAC advance its education agenda in Spanish speaking communities across Florida.

LULAC has considered education its number one priority since it was established in 1929 to combat discrimination against Hispanics.  LULAC works with business on the state and national levels to provide scholarships for Hispanic students entering and attending colleges and universities.

To learn more about LULAC’s education programs, please visit the LULAC National Education Service Center:

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