Vote NO on Amendment 8

Urge friends, family and colleagues to READ the amendments before voting. When in doubt, throw it out. -- VOTE NO!

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You may have heard the statewide radio ad that kicked off the statewide "Vote NO on 8" Campaign last week.

Since the launch, thousands have pledged their support, the website has received even more of hits and over 22,000 voters have joined us and are sharing our message on Facebook. If you haven’t visited the website, or liked us on Facebook: Vote NO on 8, please do and help us defeat this dangerous and deceptive amendment for your members and students. Defend your religious freedoms. Vote No on amendment 8!


On November 6th Florida voters will be asked to vote YES or NO on Amendment 8, deceptively titled, the “Religious Freedom Amendment”.

Why is it important to education employees?

Amendment 8 could rob badly needed revenue from our public schools at a time when the weak economy has already forced deep budget cuts in our public school funding.

•    Amendment 8, the so-called religious freedom amendment is one of eleven proposed constitutional amendments on the November 6th ballot.
•    But Amendment 8 isn’t about Religious Freedom at all.  
•    It is about taxpayer funding for religion.
•    Amendment 8 undermines the separation of church and state provision currently in the Florida Constitution.
•    Amendment 8 says that the government cannot deny tax dollars to any group or sect claiming to be a religious organization.
•    Amendment 8 would allow taxpayer money to be used to fund religious activities…including religious schools.

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