UFF Organizing


The United Faculty of Florida have been busy organizing new members. Their efforts have been highlights by our nationals:

The AFT Higher Ed publication on page 14:

And the NEA Advocate Online web page:


Graduate Employees Unite!

Part of the major strategic plan at Florida State University to reduce spending over the next few years has been to increase the number of undergraduate students we graduate assistants teach. But the university has not increased funding in order to accomplish this.

Graduate assistants at Florida State have been burdened with overcrowded classrooms, sub-standard health insurance at steep rates, and inadequate pay. These concerns have not been addressed by the administration.

Even though we outnumber faculty and adjuncts and comprise the largest working body on campus, the administration has neglected our poor working conditions because we have had no voice.

That was until, in 2007, graduate students from departments across the university gathered to explore options for change. For the past year, we have conducted a card drive to win union representation through the United Faculty of Florida, so we can represent ourselves in collective bargaining.

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