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Learn Now, Lecture Later

Are high school and college students spending too much time listening to lecture, rather than gaining a full understanding of the knowledge they need?
A new report, Learn Now, Lecture Later, looks at the different learning methods and how technology is supporting the move to these new learning models. The report also examines the challenges that high schools and colleges must overcome to make a successful transition.

Reading and Recess

The study examines the potential link between time spent at recess and reading achievement.

Alone in the Classroom

Classroom teachers spend most of their time distanced from their colleagues. Instead of forcing them to compete with each other, we should help them find new ways to work together.


Housing Costs, Zoning, and Access to High-Scoring Schools

Research on the impact of zoning on school performance.

Also read: Why Regions Fail: Zoning as an Extractive Institution

Retrieval-Based Learning:
Active Retrieval Promotes Meaningful Learning

Could most students benefit from altering their study habits?
According to a study by Current Directions in Psychological Science, which used various study strategies, the more times students read the material, the more they thought they'd remember in the long term.research suggests students benefit from retrieval-based learning  produces meaningful, long-term knowledge. Yet retrieval practice is not a tool many students use.

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