Today's news -- September 8, 2017





Statistics show profound inequalities in our education system


Senate panel rejects Trump’s proposed federal education cuts


Trump administration cuts funding for teen pregnancy prevention programs


The false narrative behind a glitzy live television show about school reform


Security breach forces ACT test cancellation in Asia; weather causes some in U.S.


Education stars as major player in Gainesville’s tech startup community


Effort blocks Arizona voucher law until voters can weigh in


DeVos decries “failed system” on campus sexual assault, vows to replace it


This is crucial to our students’ safety. We stand by Title IX (by Lily Eskelsen García)


USF reaches “pre-eminent” status, president says


University of Florida considers allowing speech by Richard Spencer in October


How states could end the student-debt collections trap


Hurricane Irma devastates Caribbean and heads toward Florida


“This storm has the potential to catastrophically devastate our state”


Governor orders all Florida schools closed today through Monday


In Florida, searching for gas and water, and watching Irma


Millions expected to be out of power after hurricane, FPL says


Scott activates more National Guard members


Trump: “We are with the people of Florida”


Floridians flood price-gouging hotline


Irma forces largest evacuation of prisoners in state history


The struggle after the storm


Former presidents band together in call for Harvey, Irma relief aid


Space Florida backs NASA nominee, but senators aren't so sure


Trump will appoint Bondi to a presidential commission addressing the opioid crisis


Stop being afraid of more government. It’s exactly what we need.


Corporate tax cuts don’t create jobs, they enrich CEOs


What the rich won’t tell you


Equifax hack hits credit histories of up to 143 million Americans


Three Equifax managers sold stock before cyber hack revealed


Trump Jr. says he can’t recall White House role on meeting with Russians


Mueller seeks interviews with White House staff over meeting statement


On Facebook and Twitter, a hunt for Russia’s meddling hand


Senator: Facebook's Russia disclosure “tip of the iceberg”


The fake Americans Russia created to influence the election


FBI head says he’s not seen ‘any whiff’ of White House interference in investigation


Senate votes to raise debt limit and approves $15 billion in hurricane relief


Nelson warns Congress hurricane aide package only a start


“Politically cynical” disaster relief bill riles Rubio


Congress confident it will find money for Irma as FEMA runs low on funds


Trump reaches out to make more deals with congressional Democrats


Energized Trump sees bipartisan path, at least for now


Republicans jolted by, and Democrats wary of, Trump’s overtures to opposing party


Debt-ceiling shift signifies a remarkable political evolution for Trump


Why does the debt ceiling exist?


Trump suggested scrapping future debt ceiling votes to congressional leaders


Appeals court limits Trump travel ban and allows more refugees


For DACA recipients, losing protection and work permits is just the start


Trump heeds Pelosi request to reassure young immigrants on deportation


Why Trump's “Dreamers” nightmare won't go away anytime soon


“Dreamers”, liars and bad economics


Bannon: Catholics back DACA because “they need illegal aliens to fill the churches”


New round of contracts is issued for border wall prototypes


Governors rally around health law fixes as White House pushes repeal


The stunning Democratic shift on single-payer


Why Sessions’ recycled crime-fighting strategy is doomed to fail


Hands up. It’s showtime.


In Supreme Court case, Feds side with baker who refused to make wedding cake


House Democrats seek committee to combat white supremacy


Houston’s next big storm: Mosquitoes


The science behind the U.S.’s strange hurricane “drought” -- and its sudden end


Irma and Harvey should kill any doubt that climate change is real


At a moment climate change is hard to ignore, the EPA is being pointed elsewhere


EPA staff headed for lowest levels in 30 years as environmental disasters pile up


How not to run the EPA


McCaul emerges as a leading candidate for DHS secretary


White House considering at least six for Fed chair


Why the return of bigger banks means bigger risks for everyone else


The risk of nuclear war with North Korea


How the U.S. could respond to another North Korean missile test


Tillerson is working with China and Russia -- very, very quietly


The foundation of Trump’s presidency is the negation of Obama’s legacy


What prompted the EPA to attack a reporter over an accurate Harvey story?


Trump lawyer, fooled by “prankster,” asks for “drone” in emails slamming reporter


The fake news pipeline: How a clickbait farmer is spreading the gospel of Big Oil


Mexico rocked by earthquake called its strongest in a century



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