Today's news -- September 29, 2017




What taxpayers should know about the cost of school choice


Run-off election will decide union for Santa Rosa support staff (SREA mentioned)


A teacher’s battle (Anna Fusco quoted)


How far can $3.3 million stretch in Pasco school contract talks? (USEP mentioned)


Allow students to kneel for anthem, Pasco schools advised


Highlands School Board approves revised calendar (Shawna-Mae Warren quoted)


The number of PBC school execs making $140K has nearly tripled in two years (Justin Katz quoted)


Palm Beach School Board sues state, says charter-friendly law costs millions


Hillsborough will not join lawsuit challenging new education law


Miami is full of "apartheid schools," and segregation is getting worse


Bells rang and classes changed, but little else was normal at this Keys school


Central Florida school districts prepare for influx of Puerto Rican students


Why school choice is the last thing America needs to solve its racial wealth gap


DeVos appoints former Michigan governor as chair of NAEP governing board


State colleges to offer in-state tuition for students from Puerto Rico


White nationalist's UF speech date set, organizer says


DeVos speaks at Harvard; guests were told they would be escorted out if disruptive


DeVos assailed by protesters at college campuses in Boston, Washington


DeVos rejects invitation to meet with former for-profit college students


Trump should pity the poor PhD


Let’s make sure Pell Grants aren’t eroded by inflation


Beneath veneer of economic rebound, distressed communities are stalled


12th death from nursing home that lost power, AC during Hurricane Irma


State moves to close second facility run by owner of nursing home where 12 died


Nursing home search warrants look wide for answers in deaths


Florida workers rally to provide hurricane relief (Kyle Gawroriski quoted)


Hurricane battered South Florida, but one part of the state might be grateful


Citrus groves regroup after getting “kicked in the teeth” by hurricane


Democrats mauling Scott appointee’s disaster credentials


Scott's appointments, secrecy undercut his Irma performance


Scott back in Washington today to meet with Trump


Hurricane Maria could be a $95 billion storm for Puerto Rico


Puerto Ricans say U.S. relief efforts failing them


Public pressure is forcing the White House to respond to the crisis in Puerto Rico


Trump lauds “amazing” response in Puerto Rico, criticizes coverage by media


San Juan mayor slams Trump comments on Puerto Rico hurricane response


Puerto Ricans evacuate to Florida on a cruise ship


Puerto Rico’s drinking-water crisis isn’t going away anytime soon


U.S. responded to Haiti quake more forcefully than to Puerto Rico disaster


Trump races to catch up as Puerto Rico crisis escalates


Rubio, Nelson urge Trump to put Pentagon in charge of recovery in Puerto Rico


Levine bashes Trump's response to Puerto Rico, garners media spotlight


Puerto Rico deserves better


Bondi's office hears complaints of price gouging by airlines


Flood insurance program exhausts Treasury borrowing


The torrential rain from this year’s hurricanes is a strong signal of climate change


Weather extremes, fossil fuel pollution cost U.S. $240 billion


Gruters wants attacking "political affiliation" to be hate crime


Supreme Court will hear case on mandatory fees to unions (Randi Weingarten and Lily Eskelsen García quoted) (Lily Eskelsen García and Randi Weingarten quoted)

Trump wants the Supreme Court to gut the rights of non-union workers


Union says Nissan spies on workers at Mississippi plant


Apprentices need expert eye. So does Trump’s plan for them.


Gerrymandering is on trial


Kushner didn't disclose personal email account to Senate intel committee


Did Trump advisers break the law using personal email for White House business?


White House launches probe of private email accounts


Russian intelligence would have seen Manafort as the perfect mark


Pence sent lawyer to meet with Mueller over the summer


Senator berates Twitter over “inadequate” inquiry into Russian meddling


Fake news on Twitter flooded swing states that helped Trump win


Black lawmakers pressure Facebook over racially divisive Russian ads


Trump skips ceremony for FBI director amid Russia investigation


Trump Jr.’s great escape


Trump adviser “can't guarantee” taxes won't go up for middle class


Trump could save more than $1 billion under his new tax plan


Nine ways Trump’s tax plan is a gift to the rich, including himself


White House tries to defend Trump’s claim that he pays more under his tax plan


GOP tax plan is “the great con,” says AFL-CIO president (Rich Trumka quoted) (Randi Weingarten quoted)


In Trump tax plan, a windfall for businesses large and small


Trump’s plan gives corporate tax lobbyists nearly everything they want


Lobbyists rally to save tax breaks under threat in Trump plan


Trump’s tax plan depends on the growth fairy


Worst features of the Trump-Ryan tax plan


Trump’s tax “miracle”: Cowardice and dishonesty


Voodoo gets even voodooier


Trump aides sell tax plan with Pinocchio-laden claims


Rubio expresses optimism in tax reform bill


Obamacare repeal isn’t really dead


Alexander, Murray inching toward deal to stabilize Obamacare


Feds to collect social media data on all immigrants entering country


Trump administration targets “sanctuary” cities for immigration arrests


The wrong time to cut back on refugees


Construction job sites: the silent killer of immigrant workers


More than 100 students march across UF to support DACA


The federal agency that few have heard of and which we all need to know


Amid protests at Trump hotel, Gorsuch calls for civility


Chastened, Price tries to deflect anger over chartered flights


Price apologizes for private flights, pledges to repay taxpayers nearly $52,000


Price will reimburse only a small portion of private jet travel expenses


Price took military jets to Europe, Asia costing more than $500,000


Price chalks up jet travel to Trump’s “very ambitious agenda”


Price wanted to reopen his department's executive dining room, sources say


Price says he still has Trump's support


Zinke took $12,000 charter flight home in oil executive’s plane, documents show


Here are programs that Pruitt’s $900,000 taxpayer-funded expenses could pay for


Trump’s Cabinet loves living large


Trump nominee to nation’s largest public utility has a massive conflict of interest


Online thieves may be exploiting the Equifax panic, researchers say


An American opioid crisis -- in 1908


Trump wants to repeal Obama’s climate plan. The next fight: its replacement.


Trump to unleash more global arms sales


In a world of crisis, morality can still win


Despite storm of “racism and misogyny,” Huerta remains hopeful during Trump era


Private emails, private jets and Trump’s idea of public service




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