Today's news -- September 27, 2017



Clay School Board votes to join suit over education law


From Hillsborough school officials, some arguments against suing over HB 7069


Collier won't join other districts in lawsuit over controversial education bill


Miami-Dade superintendent: If there’s a special session, rewrite charter school law


Angry, tearful teachers scold, beg Brevard School Board for higher raise (Dan Bennett and Anthony Colucci quoted)


Florida is one of the worst states for teachers, study says (Karla Hernández-Mats quoted)


Palm Beach proposes three hurricane make-up days (Justin Katz quoted)

There's still time to suggest education amendments to state constitution


Home schooling was once a rising trend. New data shows something different.


DeVos says defrauded students are after “free money”


Advocates for sexual assault survivors say DeVos’ guidance will hinder reporting


Hurricane Irma left thick clouds hovering over Florida's working poor


Controversy brews for Scott over deleting of nursing home voicemails


Nursing home owner's hospital was paid $48 million for state prisoner health


Lawmakers must not back down on nursing home regulation


Scott replaces head of emergency operations with political operative


Collier tallies $320 million of estimated damage from hurricane


Sue 'em, fine 'em, resolve hurricane debris pickup war


A scramble to care for Puerto Rico’s sick and injured


Your fellow Americans in Puerto Rico need help now


Puerto Rico needs help. Here’s what we can do.


Helping Puerto Rico families isn't simple after Hurricane Maria


Orange county commissioner says to prepare for influx of displaced Puerto Ricans


Why isn’t Trump rushing to help Puerto Rico’s U.S. citizens? Political payback


Puerto Rico is being treated like a colony after hurricane


The sad suspicion about Trump’s shameful treatment of Puerto Rico


Trump administration denies request for Puerto Rico shipping waiver


Trump rates his Puerto Rico hurricane relief: “Great.” “Amazing.” “Tremendous.”


Clinton pressed Trump to deploy hospital ship to Puerto Rico. Now it’s ready to go.


Democrats beg Trump to appoint a general in Puerto Rico after hurricane


Rubio to White House: Avoid “Katrina-style” disaster in Puerto Rico


Scott: Florida is ready to help Puerto Rico


Florida lawmakers rally around Puerto Rico


Faith leaders call for payday lending interest cap


Equifax fallout exposes the cost of privacy in Florida


Scott announces support for new legislation, $50 million to fight opioid crisis


Taddeo wins as Democrats pick up state Senate seat


HD 116 stays Republican, as Perez defeats Mayaudón


Study: Voter ID law deterred nearly 17,000 Wisconsinites from voting


How big banks became our masters


Protecting the rights of people with disabilities is not optional


The gentle people shall prevail


IRS shares information with special counsel in Russia probe


Ex-Trump adviser Stone denies Russian collusion to House Intelligence panel


Kushner's lawyer, fooled by “prankster,” offers window into email controversy


Special counsel interviews with White House staff could start later this week


Bills to protect Mueller are bipartisan, but the path forward is uncertain


Trump advisers waged covert influence campaign


Russian-funded Facebook ads backed Stein, Sanders and Trump


Senate Republicans say they will not vote on health bill


Trump disappointed in “so-called Republicans” over Obamacare repeal


GOP leadership fights effort to tie Obamacare repeal to tax overhaul, budget bill


Time for Republicans to accept reality


McConnell's dreadful day


Obamacare premiums in Florida to rise 45 percent on average next year


Republicans want to cut the top tax rate — and raise the bottom one


Trump's state-tax plan could cause headaches for 52 Republican lawmakers


Trump hits the road to sell tax plan -- but some worry what he'll say


Will a corporate tax holiday give workers anything to cheer?


Trump plans 45,000 limit on refugees admitted to U.S.


White House considers tougher rules as part of immigration overhaul


Homeland Security to monitor social media accounts of immigrants and citizens


Chad’s inclusion in travel ban could jeopardize American interests, officials say


The basic premise of Trump’s travel ban is wrong


Growing list of conservative demands threatens bipartisan deal on “Dreamers”


Video series puts face on Florida's immigrant population


Palm Beach pledges to cooperate with Feds on illegal immigration


Sessions equates student protesters to KKK during remarks on free speech


Georgetown law students blocked from attending Sessions’ “free speech” event


Trump defends NFL stance at GOP donor dinner


Trump promised black voters equal justice. That’s all Kaepernick wants.


A lesson on the free-speech debate Kaepernick started


Price’s private-jet travels included visits with colleagues, lunch with son


EPA spending $25,000 to install a secure phone booth for Pruitt


Trump backs off vow that private sector should help pay for infrastructure package


Dismayed by Trump, head of Drug Enforcement Administration to leave


U.S. lawyer asks West Palm judge to toss emoluments suit against Trump



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