Today's news -- September 26, 2017




Local education leaders sound alarm on future of public schools


Hurricane Maria could send wave of Puerto Rican students to Miami


Abstinence-only group will lead sex education for Santa Rosa


Wallethub: Florida is 2017’s fifth worst state for teachers


When black children are targeted for punishment


The “questionable questions” on today’s standardized tests


New SAT scores sow confusion over how to tell a good result


Segregation lingers in schools 60 years after Little Rock


Suddenly, Trump wants to spend millions of dollars on STEM in public schools


Harvard staging a Koch-sponsored DeVos lovefest; no dissenting voices allowed


School bans Georgia governor candidate from rallying for teacher’s firing on campus


Seminole elections supervisor: State law loophole robs thousands of voters


Coalition wants more Constitution Revision Commission hearings (FEA and Florida AFL-CIO mentioned)


“Just stop already please,” hurricane expert says about busy September


Scott may have broken law by deleting emails from nursing home where 11 died


Farmer questions why Scott deleted nursing home voicemails


Wilson warned officials before retirement home tragedy


Immokalee families struggling with lack of housing, still living in damaged trailers


FEMA’s Miami-Dade recovery center sees people looking for loans, repairs and aid


Keys will officially reopen to tourists Sunday, nearly three weeks ahead of schedule


Hurricane's blow to Collier's beaches: $35 million


Scott has made Floridians more vulnerable


In battered Puerto Rico, governor warns of a humanitarian crisis


Trump: Puerto Rico is in “deep trouble” as questions mount about his commitment


State legislators launch Hurricane Maria relief response team for Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico's allies in New York, Florida push for aid


Pelosi: Deploy military to ease crisis in Puerto Rico


Congress, help your fellow Americans in Puerto Rico


Puerto Ricans are Americans too, and answers to other questions


Mississippi oil drillers eying Calhoun County


Open Miami-Dade House, Senate seats will be decided in special election today


“Friends of NRA” charity fundraiser featured judges as table sponsors


At least six White House advisers used private email accounts


House Republican demands details on Trump aides' use of private email


Clinton calls email revelations “the height of hypocrisy”


White House stonewalls Capitol Hill over records in Russia probe


Congress braces for Roger Stone show


Bannon sought to infiltrate Facebook hiring


The Kremlin creeps into Germany


Health bill appears dead as pivotal GOP senator declares opposition


Republicans offer “frenzy of special deals” in effort to repeal Obamacare


Trump pins blame on McCain as latest GOP health-care bill sinks


Republicans brace for failure on Obamacare repeal


Trumpcare is dead. Long live the Trumpcare opposition.


GOP already eyeing next chance to revive Obamacare repeal


ACA repeal effort was bad news, with little public scrutiny, little chance for success


Cassidy is “sorry” about the Cassidy-Graham process. He should be.


CBO predicts “millions” would lose coverage under the revised Senate health bill


The GOP's revised repeal bill is even worse for people with pre-existing conditions


Graham-Cassidy would let insurers drop birth control coverage


Senate health care bill would be disastrous for Florida


Trump’s tax “reform” looks like tax cuts for the rich


Around the world and U.S., new travel ban draws anger, applause, shrugs


The countries added to Trump’s immigration ban don’t have very much terrorism


Trump’s new travel ban still has no justification


Supreme Court cancels hearing on previous Trump travel ban


Republicans present conservative vision for “Dreamers” protection


It could take 15 years to become a citizen under GOP-led immigration proposal


Nelson among Senate Democrats seeking DACA extension


Pruitt met with mining executive days before reversing EPA findings on Alaska mine


Zinke: One-third of Interior employees not loyal to Trump


House Democrats to oppose FAA extension


National Park Service showed that bottled water ban worked — then Trump lifted it


White House defends Trump’s NFL fixation as Puerto Rico seeks help


Trump’s NFL critique a calculated attempt to shore up his base


Trump has picked fights over the flag before. But this time was different.


Before Trump brought politics into football, he made politics into football


Latvala says he sides with Trump’s criticism of NFL players


Mast: NFL anthem kneelers “should already be gone”


Trump is running America like it’s a casino


Tyranny of the minority


African Americans deeply pessimistic about where country is heading, poll finds


In Ivanka Trump’s China, business ties shrouded in secrecy's-China,-business-ties-shrouded-in-secrecy


End of political campaigns as we know them? Study suggests we’re doing it wrong.




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