Today's news -- September 25, 2017




Louisiana school officials affected by Katrina offer advice to Florida schools


Back in bargaining, Hillsborough and its teachers are $50 million apart (Stephanie Baxter-Jenkins quoted)


St. Lucie stands by firing a teacher who blew whistle on fiancé’s sexual abuse (Vicki Rodriguez quoted)


Manatee School Board member: Make our salaries, schedule same as Sarasota’s


Collier School Board to consider suing state over charter school bill


New Palm Beach teacher recruiting strategy: Poach from Broward


Three troubled Jacksonville charters must present improvement plans


Cortes again proposes ending third grade retention law


The day nine young students shattered racial segregation in schools


In war or education, beware of propaganda


Government, DeVos once said, “sucks.” Now she wields its power for her agenda.


Former D.C. charter leaders settle lawsuit that alleged self-dealing scheme


Michigan: The house DeVos built is crumbling


Kansas City: What students in a private school thought about DeVos


DeVos rescinds Obama-era rules on campus sexual assault


DeVos should want to educate men about rape


FSU trustees reward Thrasher with $200,000 bonus, raise


Conservatives charge that universities are hotbeds of liberalism. They’re wrong.


Once more, homeowners are let down by state housing agency


Expand options for affordable housing


Unofficial death toll from Hurricane Irma now stands at 75 across the state


11th patient from sweltering nursing home dies


Voicemails from nursing home were deleted by governor’s office


At Florida nursing home, many calls for help, but none that made a difference


Nursing-home industry agrees to install generators, but wants more time


Nursing home problems? State helps hide, censor them


State reverses decision to shield information from nursing home inspection reports


Hurricane leaves farmworkers without jobs, without food and no money to pay rent


For paycheck-to-paycheck workers, hurricane means financial disaster


Consumers face new reality with higher storm deductibles


After hurricane, many ask: How safe are shelters?


Hurricane power outages spark review of electric grid


Duke Energy amped up its own troubles by trying to control the news


Lessons from Hurricane Irma


Widespread sewage leaks showed state's dependence on electric pumps


After hurricane, another disaster emerges in our water


Feeling mental fatigue after Hurricane Irma and other disasters? It's real.


Miami Beach wants to fire employees for not going to work two days after hurricane


How hurricane blew away the beach in Miami Beach


National, state parks face long recovery in storm's wake


Head of U.S. House panel seeks tax relief for hurricane victims


Facing months in the dark, ordinary life in Puerto Rico is “beyond reach”


Puerto Rico's governor calls for greater federal response to Hurricane Maria


Puerto Rico needs our help


Puerto Rico is American. We can’t ignore it now.


Whatever happened to the Zika epidemic?


As waters slowly rise along state shores, coastal communities’ approaches vary


Study: Dispersant used to clean 2010 BP oil spill harmed humans


A weaker EPA means a more vulnerable Florida


Supreme Court opens its new term with a direct attack on workers’ rights


A radical fix to America’s economy: Give people who want to work a job


Yes, Americans can be fired for running for office


Kobach’s false claim that there is now “proof” of voter fraud in New Hampshire


Kushner used private email to conduct White House business


Russian hackers targeted Florida, 20 other states in 2016 election


Facebook should share those Russian ads with the public


Obama tried to give Zuckerberg a wake-up call over fake news on Facebook


The only way to defend against Russia’s information war


We’re under constant threat of cyberattack, and Congress isn’t doing anything


Amid the Russia probes, Trump makes an important nomination


McCain announces opposition to GOP health bill, likely dooming its fate


Trump laces into McCain over his opposition to health care bill


Democrats not declaring victory yet on Obamacare


Activists plan further resistance -- and thank yous -- as ACA repeal effort staggers


Graham is “pressing on,” but other GOP senators signal they’re moving on


New version of bill aids Alaska and Maine -- home of holdout senators


Republicans aren’t even sure why they’re doing this Graham-Cassidy bill


Seven ways the latest Republican health-care effort is impulsive and chaotic


Study: 21 million would lose health insurance under Graham-Cassidy


Poll: Only 24 percent approve of Graham-Cassidy


Medicaid directors from red and blue states reject Graham-Cassidy repeal


Latest Trumpcare bill has a nasty surprise for people with pre-existing conditions


Avoiding a health-care horror


Why the latest health bill is teetering: It might not work


Block grants would be a disaster. Here’s how we know.


Trapped by their own lies


Single-payer health care -- its time has come


Trumpcare’s “Alaska bribe” has a big constitutional problem


Nelson: Fix, don't kill, Obamacare


Florida pols not big on Graham-Cassidy bill


New order indefinitely bars almost all travel from seven countries


Back-and-forth on DACA leaves young immigrants “just dangling”


Survey finds strong support for “Dreamers”


GOP leaders circulate plan that could have massive tax cut for the wealthy


In battle over tax cuts, it’s Republicans vs. economists


GOP eyes corporate tax rate of 20 percent, retreating from Trump’s lofty goal


Trump gives tax cuts his nationalist branding


I lost everything waiting for disability help. And I’m not the only one.


Trump positioned to slap potentially crushing tariffs on solar industry


EPA’s Pruitt met with corporate execs; then made decisions in their favor


Inspector general to investigate Price’s travel on private charter planes


Price says he will stop flying on private jets until review is complete


Price’s entitlement spending


Whistleblowers at U.S. funded research institutions fear retaliation


As Equifax amassed ever more data, safety was a sales pitch


Congress criticizes Equifax data breach, but tighter regulations aren't likely


New Trump rules could put U.S. guns in the hands of dictators, terrorists and gangs


North Korea hits new level of brinkmanship in reacting to Trump


Aides warned Trump not to attack North Korea's leader personally


Poll: Two-thirds oppose preemptive strike in North Korea


If Trump kills the Iran deal, he may give the world another Rocket Man


Breaking nuclear deal could bring hacking onslaught from Iran


Kelly seeks to bring order to chaotic White House


Trump calls for boycott if NFL doesn’t crack down on anthem protests


Defying Trump, athletes intensify debate on race and protest


Trump’s full-scale culture war with the NFL


This is what the flag stands for, Mr. President


Trump talks athlete protests a dozen times since he last mentioned Puerto Rico


Leading Florida Republicans side with Trump in feud with NFL


“As the hurricane bore down, Trump tweeted his excitement”


A divider, not a uniter, Trump widens the breach


Ivanka Trump hides behind her White House job to avoid a copyright lawsuit


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