Today's news -- September 20, 2013



Parents, teachers rally for school funding in West Palm Beach (CTA mentioned)


Impasse declared in Orange negotiations (Diana Moore mentioned)


Santa Rosa teacher raises coming? (Rhonda Chavers quoted)


Gulf School Board denies union grievance on RIF (GEA mentioned)


Ravitch and the corporate reign of error


Common Core opponents airing views to combat Bush effort


Online courses don't live up to hype


Edison's possible name: Florida Southwestern State College


How for-profit colleges stay in business despite terrible track record


Blocking health care reform in Florida


Fraud Fears: Real or not?


Census: Florida's household income still mired in recession


Florida Supreme Court weighs role of public advocate in rate cases


Koch's "secret bank" has ties to Scott's voter purge


Scott seeks U.S. Supreme Court review of worker drug test


House Republicans pass deep cuts in food stamps


Austerity kills, and so will the sequester


The plot to kill Obamacare


America’s sinking middle class


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