Today's news -- October 9, 2017




Incentives rampant as charters try to attract students *


Lack of salary increase met with counter offer by St. Johns teachers union (Michelle Dillon and Sally Cunningham quoted)


State waives rules for students, teachers fleeing Hurricane Maria


Florida schools will take Puerto Rico students. But who will pay?


Chris Latvala acknowledges Pinellas hurt by funding formula in HB 7069


Resegregation? Report shows diversity diving at state schools


Leon schools among state's most segregated, says report on economic divide


Some schools have more class time


Backpack Full Of Cash: The film about education and privatization


Blocked by Facebook for writing ”school choice is a lie”


Facebook blocked ads from group criticizing school choice


DeVos champions online charter schools, but the results are poor


Facing racism is part of life in St. Louis. Now it’s part of my classroom, too.


Iowa: Teachers vote overwhelmingly in favor of their union


Starbucks supports rightwing policy group in Washington state


DeVos’ puppet in Michigan gives OK to closing more public schools in Detroit


Hedge funder who secretly bought Puerto Rican debt is secret backer of charters


DeVos postpones trip to Ontario schools amid protests from teachers, unions


UF employee safety imperiled by Spencer visit (by Steve Kirn, Paul Ortiz and Susan Hegeman)


Dispute brews over UF’s pay for part-time, temp workers


Climate change impacting higher education and future careers


Bright Futures is Negron's top priority for 2018 legislative session


Trump wants to weaken law protecting veterans from predatory for-profit colleges


As legislative session looms, lawmakers get to work


Closing Florida’s write-in loophole is right thing to do


Weeks after Hurricane Irma, Florida is still counting the dead


Second floor was deadliest at nursing home with no air conditioning


245 workers laid off at nursing home where residents died in heat


Companies can't find workers to rebuild after storms


Citrus industry feels squeeze from hurricane, waits for help


Northeast Florida farmers race to salvage crops, replant, recover from hurricane


State works to tell visitors after hurricane: “We're open for business”


A weak hurricane could drown Jacksonville. Will its leaders protect it in time?


State congressional delegation seeks additional hurricane recovery funding


Nelson calls for gas reserve in state to prevent shortages seen during hurricane


DeVos, Zinke visit Everglades City


Zinke gets in-the-swamp view of Big Cypress, Everglades Park


Florida lifts cone of silence at emergency operations briefings -- media can listen in


Puerto Ricans are surging political force in Florida in aftermath of Maria


Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico and Florida politics


Desperate San Juan mayor takes to Twitter after Trump ignores requests for help


FEMA director: “We filtered out” San Juan mayor “a long time ago”


In Puerto Rico, everything is broken -- except our spirit


Hospitals scramble to avert saline shortage in wake of Puerto Rico disaster


Trump revels in recounting the “very good towels” he threw to hurricane victims


Minus electrical grid, Puerto Rico becomes generator island


Puerto Rico needs power. Tesla founder has solar energy system.


How citizens are helping get things to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico “the Miami way”


U.S. Virgin Islands: The American citizens battered by hurricane -- and forgotten


In a season of monsters, Gulf Coast feels lucky all it got was Nate


Flood-damaged cars are coming to market. Here's how to avoid them.


Enterprise Florida's top staff to get raises instead of bonuses


Workers' compensation premiums for Florida businesses could drop


Why aren’t wages growing more quickly? A graphical analysis.


Global economy’s stubborn reality: plenty of work, not enough pay


Trump election commission leader sought radical change to key voting law


Trump tries to weaken federal unions, but their membership grows


Trump-Russia dossier: Why its findings grow more significant by the day


Facebook employees “embedded” in Trump campaign media operation


Trump’s embrace of Facebook shows company’s growing reach in elections


Hoping to have Trump cleared, legal team eases resistance to inquiry


The Senate warns Trump: Leave Mueller be


Democrats unveil tax plan that, unlike GOP’s, would help working families


The Trump administration’s tax plan is an atrocity


Press secretary completely undercuts Trump’s bogus tax talking point


Why corporate tax cuts won’t create jobs


Republicans may be picking a huge environmental fight in their push for tax reform


Trump rolls back Obamacare birth control mandate


Women’s rights are on the retreat yet again. Why?


Trump’s effort to kill Obamacare with 1,000 cuts


Democrats accuse Trump of sabotage on Obamacare sign-ups


Schumer says he rebuffed another offer from Trump on health care


Congress must act to preserve CHIP and protect America's children


Sessions outlines broad “religious freedom” legal exemptions


White House makes hardline demands for any “Dreamers” deal


Undocumented “Dreamers” look to an uneasy future as DACA closes down


Deportations from the interior of the United States are rising under Trump


Fearing deportation, many domestic violence victims steer clear of police and courts


Nestlé makes billions bottling water it pays nearly nothing for


Trump will propose repealing Obama’s key effort to combat climate change


Critics: Proposed energy rule is payback to ailing coal industry for supporting Trump


“What storm, Mr. President?” Trump puts world on edge with cryptic cliffhanger


Trump on North Korea: “Sorry, but only one thing will work”


Tillerson at the breaking point


Corker says Trump’s recklessness threatens “World War III”


Trump goes after Corker, who bites back


Trump’s tweetstorm against Corker may cost him a key policy ally


Traveling in style: Trump’s White House wrestles with Cabinet costs


Nearly six dozen flights by Cabinet members, mapped


Secret Service spent $137,000 on golf carts to protect Trump at his clubs


Attacking media as distraction


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