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Report shows impact of homelessness on state students *

A new study Monday shows more than 72,000 Florida school children were considered homeless in the 2015-2016 school year. The study attributes the increase to the recession and more teacher training to identify students who are homeless. Shelley Lauten, CEO of the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness, said this report includes students temporarily doubled up with others and who are staying in hotels and motels. “The children who are experiencing homelessness are almost, in some cases, three times more likely to be disciplined or missing school,” said Lauten. It also found academic learning gains were significantly lower for students who are homeless or precariously housed.


Martin won't join lawsuit against Legislature (Karen Resciniti quoted)


Florida schools begin enrolling Puerto Rican hurricane evacuees (Randi Weingarten quoted)


Puerto Rican schoolchildren could be out of class for months


Ormond Beach calls for Legislature to amend district cost differential for schools


Bradenton protest over school anthem policy a microcosm of national debate


Two Pasco charter schools on short leash with district officials


Lakeland private school for autistic children closes days after losing state funding


Trump taps Common Core foe as No. 2 at Education Department


Teacher to DeVos: Schools aren’t like food trucks, education is “not a side of fries”


Controversial Project Veritas hit with restraining order sought by teachers union


Will Florida banish the ghost of Jim Crow?


Aronberg amendment to end “write-in candidate loophole” advances


CRC panel focused on constitutional rights starts narrowing focus


Firm hauling hurricane debris hit with state subpoena


Trump raises debris reimbursement for state to 90 percent


Trump gives his administration an “A+” for state hurricane response


Nelson files tax-relief bill to help victims of hurricanes


Diaz-Balart, Wasserman Schultz ask White House for more hurricane funding


Trump hails “incredible” response in “lovely” trip to storm-torn Puerto Rico


Trump brings harsh edge to Puerto Rico trip


Trump lobs praise, and paper towels, to Puerto Rico storm victims


San Juan mayor slams Trump for “terrible and abominable” Puerto Rico stunt


Trump came to Puerto Rico like an emperor: with pomp and little sympathy


Trump vows to wipe out Puerto Rico’s debt. Can he do that?


Puerto Ricans are going to flee if Trump doesn’t fix hurricane relief


Families with ties to Central Florida struggle with decision to stay or leave


Thousands land in Florida, fleeing the misery left by Hurricane Maria


How the new math of gerrymandering works


Breaking down gerrymandering’s 21st century injustice


Kennedy’s vote is in play on voting maps warped by politics


Fake news comes to the Supreme Court


How Alabama’s “new poll tax” bars thousands of people from voting


Senators may back report on Russian meddling, sound alarm on 2018


Cardin requests details on Kushner's use of personal email account


Russian-linked Facebook ads targeted Michigan and Wisconsin


Facebook has so much more to tell us


Forget Russian trolls. Facebook's own staff helped win the election.


Ivanka and Trump Jr. were close to being charged with felony fraud


Kushner, Ivanka Trump fined over late financial disclosure forms


Tax cuts, sold as fuel for growth, widen gap between rich and poor


Republicans are reconsidering full repeal of state and local tax deduction


The Trump tax idea that’s a boon for shareholders


Conservatives defy GOP orthodoxy on cutting top tax rate


More GOP senators willing to tell Trump to take a hike


States gird for worst as Congress deal with children’s insurance program (Randi Weingarten quoted)

Congress just let the program that keeps my daughter alive expire


Florida needs CHIP to insure children


With Affordable Care Act’s future cloudy, costs for many seem sure to soar


With Trump backing, House approves ban on abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy


Sanders: GOP budget would gut Medicare, Medicaid, other key programs


GOP lawmakers say Trump wants tough measures in “Dreamers” deal


Deal or no deal on DACA? Republicans say no. Democrats say not yet.


Immigrants rush to file last DACA renewals by Thursday


Supreme Court weighs immigrants’ rights to have detention reviewed


Lawmakers can’t do anything about mass shootings without politicizing them


Why gun violence research has been shut down for 20 years


The lives we have lost


Bank overdraft and ATM fees both hit record highs


IRS awards multimillion-dollar fraud-prevention contract to Equifax


Equifax’s ex-CEO gets a grilling in Washington over data breach


Ex-surgeon general says work is partly to blame for “loneliness epidemic”


Undermining the rule of law at the EPA


Trump's push to ignore climate costs generates a backlash in court


Why Price’s conservative imprint on HHS is likely to endure


Hedge fund billionaire flew top Mnuchin aide on private jet to Palm Beach


Interior launches third investigation into Zinke’s alleged misconduct


Inspector general to review VA secretary’s trip to Europe


One of Trump's judicial picks receives rare "not qualified" rating from legal group


Press, branded the “enemy” by Trump, increasingly trusted by the public






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