Today's news -- October 16, 2017




Displaced by storm, Puerto Rican children trace new path in Central Florida


Five teachers transferred out of Hernando elementary because of VAM


State: Lee, Collier and Monroe schools to give kids free lunches until November 30


Keys School Board member: Build housing for teachers on Sugarloaf


Sarasota one of only a few school districts in the state without librarians


TCC and union at an impasse for collective bargaining negotiations (Jen Robinson, Martin Balinsky and Tom Wazlavek quoted)


Adjunct instructors walk out of USF trustee meeting, await union vote ruling


Skip speech but don’t be silent


A Gainesville brewery was trying to block hate with beer. Not so fast, Spencer says.


State tries to scuttle matching-gift case


Education in the age of outrage


Renner says state will attack home rule to discipline “rogue,” leftist cities


Report on working poor in Northeast Florida: “Surviving … not living”


In the shadow of Disney, living life on the margins


Restaurant hiring gets tougher with low unemployment


State minimum wage increasing to $8.25 per hour in 2018


Large crowds overwhelm officials providing hurricane help


Hurricane storm-debris efforts picking up, but still a long way to go


Enteric bacteria levels increase from storm-water runoff since hurricane


State's counsel accuses lobbyist of undermining emergency-generator rule


Hurricane will be “quite expensive” for FPL customers


How the Keys are coming back to life


Crops for the season were looking good — until hurricane delivered big trouble


Five state parks still closed due to hurricane damage


Three appeals for hurricane aid pending since 2004


As floodwaters rise, so do government's responsibilities


As Puerto Rican hurricane debris rots, experts fear looming health crisis


In powerless Puerto Rico, washboards and hand-held fans are making a comeback


After threatening to pull aid, Trump says he “will always be with” Puerto Rico


As Trump whips up controversy over Puerto Rico, Rubio calls for less “noise”


Black lawmakers pushing for more aid, attention to Virgin Islands


The horror inside Florida's juvenile detention centers


More independence needed for state’s utilities watchdog


Here's to politicians who only defend parts of their beloved Constitution


Wary of hackers, states move to upgrade voting systems


Fed’s Yellen says the economy remains in good health


The Supreme Court has a chance to restore faith in democracy


Manafort had $60 million relationship with a Russian oligarch


Russian banker denies role in planned Trump building in Moscow


Mueller's team interviewed Priebus on Friday


The White House is trying to rush the Russia probes. We can’t let that happen.


Trump campaign spending on legal fees surges as Russia inquiries widen


How Russia used social media to divide Americans


Trump’s Obamacare order could destroy the health-care system


Trump’s Obamacare attack heralds new health-care battles on Capitol Hill


Partisan clash on Obamacare raises specter of government shutdown


Trump tweets approval after health care stocks “plunged”


Timing of White House actions on ACA “couldn’t be worse,” states say


Obamacare sabotage in Florida: State had the most signups, have most to lose


White House’s decision to stop ACA subsidies triggers strong opposition


Epic legal battles shaping up over Trump's scrapping of Obamacare subsidies


Not dead yet: Obamacare insurers are hanging in there


Health insurance is good not just for individuals but for democracy


These are the lies that Trump is telling to sabotage health care for millions


Trump closes a health dispute, but leaves open a power struggle


How to fight the new Trumpcare


Ros-Lehtinen attacks Trump’s decision to end Obamacare payments


The drug industry’s triumph over the DEA


Mnuchin says estate tax repeal will help “rich people” most


Sanders: GOP budget is a gift to billionaires; it's Robin Hood in reverse


Trump taps climate denier for head of White House environmental office


Trump disavows nuclear deal, but doesn’t scrap it


As Trump moves to decertify Iran deal, Corker outlines plan to preserve it


GOP clashes over Iran deal makeover


The president leaves Congress to fix the mess he’s made on Iran


Inside the “adult day-care center”: How aides try to control, coerce Trump


Trump governs by disruption -- and overloads all the circuits


Trump, chieftain of spite


Trump’s appetite for half-hearted destruction


Promise the moon? Easy for Trump. But now comes the reckoning.


Four ways Trump has moved to undo his predecessors’ legacies






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