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HB1 not the cure for school bullies or bullied *

As a public-school principal for 32 years, and now as an elected school board member, I consider protecting our students from violence and bullying our sacred duty. No child should ever feel afraid to attend our schools. I’m sad to say we live in a culture where many children are exposed to violence or can be harassed any time of day on social media. Without adequate supports in place, the resulting trauma can spill over into our classrooms. Our kids and public schools need the Legislature’s help more than ever. We desperately need early intervention programs, more mental health counselors, and proven safe school programs to protect all children. These measures would help us prevent bullying in the first place. We are told over and over there is no money for such things. Meanwhile, House Bill 1 aims to divert up to 40 million dollars for private school vouchers to parents seeking a way out of a public school because their child has been bullied or has been in fights. However, in this bill, parents can use this reason even if their child started the fight or the problem has been completely resolved at the school. I support zero tolerance for student bullying. Florida Statute 1006.147 requires every public school to investigate, report and protect any student who is victimized by bullying. Parents and superintendents already have many options to transfer students to another classroom or public school as needed. HB1 is not the answer; it opens Pandora’s Box for those who want a voucher to attend a private school yet does nothing to prevent the remaining students at the public school from being bullied. Neither does it provide any resources to help us address the problems of the troubled child who is doing the bullying or starting fights. Let’s be honest. This bill seeks to establish a new public avenue to fund private and religious schools at taxpayer expense. Furthermore, calling this a “Hope Scholarship Program” so folks can donate $20 instead of paying that tax when registering a car, seems like a ploy to disguise what this really is. Unknowingly, people will be diverting tax dollars to a private school voucher program instead of paying taxes that could otherwise support needy children in public schools. During the 2016-17 school year, Florida corporations were allowed to divert $539 million to the Florida Tax Scholarship program to 1,733 participating Florida private and religious schools. No standards or accountability required. I can’t understand why the Legislature keeps channeling our tax dollars away from our public schools when our need is so great and their duty is so paramount. In a time when public schools are in such need, diverting more tax dollars to private schools that are not accountable to them makes no sense to me. Aren’t public schools their primary responsibility? If the House passes this bill, the message to public schools will be loud and clear: “You don’t respect us to look out for the very students we are pledged to protect and educate.” Our public schools need financial support and real solutions, not a new $40 million car registration gimmick disguised as hope.


Palm Beach superintendent tussles with CTA chief (Justin Katz quoted)


Pasco teachers make counter-offer on raises (Val Smith quoted)


State pulls vouchers from private school after owner's arrest for sexual battery


After Maria, state schools get influx of Puerto Rican students


Require coding in schools? How about pushing technical skills?


American Education Week focuses on public schools for all (Lily Eskelsen García quoted)


NEA salutes unsung heroes on National Education Support Professionals Day (Lily Eskelsen García quoted, Princess Moss and Saul Ramos mentioned)


Report shows the AFT’s bet on educator-led collaborations reaps powerful results (Randi Weingarten quoted)


Trump nominee for No. 2 spot at Ed Department stumbles at confirmation hearing


Test scores to play smaller role in Virginia school accreditation


After a political rout, New York’s wealthiest charter group searches for an identity


Labor coalition seeks support from UF faculty (Paul Ortiz quoted)


House tax bill would increase the cost of college by $71 billion in a decade


The House just voted to bankrupt graduate students


The destructive part of the Republican tax bill you’re not paying attention to


What we now know about who struggles with student debt


UNF prepares for possible rally supporting suspended white supremacist


Latvala probe may take a month as Senate hires its own attorney


Why aren’t women going public with sexual harassment claims in Tallahassee?


Florida personal income grows, but national gap widens


Agricultural losses from Irma continue to mount


Flood insurance rates still going up? Um, thanks?


Thousands of military veterans barred from voting


Missing records confound veterans on base exchange website


Walking while black in Jacksonville


More secure state driver’s licenses raise eyebrows in state


How the labor movement can win under national “right to work”


House Republicans pass bill that would raise taxes on middle class families (Randi Weingarten quoted) (Lily Eskelsen García quoted)

How every member voted on the House tax bill


Miami Republicans vote in favor of Trump-supported tax overhaul


Senate plan would raise taxes on the poor, a report says


Analysis undercuts White House argument that tax bill helps middle class


Senate bill cuts taxes of wealthy and hikes taxes on families earning under $75,000


Funding for 370,000 education jobs at risk if Senate eliminates tax deduction (Lily Eskelsen García quoted)


Bill signals top tax priority of GOP is to help corporations


GOP is trading 13 million people’s health care for corporate tax cuts


Who’d gain from an estate tax rollback: the 0.2 percenters


House and Senate still have very different tax bills. Here’s how they compare.


And the biggest loser in the GOP’s tax plan is ... humans


A tax-cut bill to make Scrooge McDuck proud


Everybody hates the Trump tax plan


First, the GOP wants tax cuts. Next, they’ll gut Medicare, Social Security.


Sneaking in Obamacare sabotage


Middle class families confront soaring health insurance costs


Report: Mueller issued subpoena to Trump campaign for Russia documents


Kushner failed to disclose emails about WikiLeaks, Russia


Kushner still waiting on permanent security clearance


Papadopoulos claimed Trump phone call and larger campaign role


Russian won't name all Trump officials he's met with because “the list is so long”


The Russia investigation’s spectacular accumulation of lies


Black men sentenced to more time for committing the same crime as white


Sessions’ Justice Department: From Holder and Lynch to no black senior staff


Can Trump pressure the Justice Department to investigate Clinton?


The FBI’s explanation for why it released less crime data doesn’t add up


Grassley schedules contentious judicial nominees for hearing


Senate rapidly confirming Trump judges who want to limit marriage equality


Deal to bolster gun background checks is reached by senators


Watchdog says Interior Secretary Zinke failed to properly document travel


U.S. senator slams DEA for barring its chief judge from appearing on Capitol Hill


Trump’s Homeland Security pick is caught up in a conflict of interest complaint


Homeland Security official resigns over remarks on African-Americans and Muslims


Foreign Service leadership being “decapitated” and “depleted at a dizzying speed”


A mission for journalism in a time of crisis


FCC relaxes media ownership rules in contentious vote


Just 12 percent of Americans eat enough fruit and vegetables, CDC study finds





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