Today's news -- November 14, 2013



ALEC uses Florida groups in bid to hold sway over Legislature

Progress Florida and the Center for Media and Democracy released a new report Wednesday detailing how the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) uses supposedly independent front groups to get lawmakers to enact public policies designed to benefit ALEC’s corporate funders. In Florida the two most prominent and influential of these groups are the James Madison Institute (JMI) and the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA). “Our research shows how ALEC relies on conservative think tanks like JMI and FGA to insulate themselves against increased public scrutiny and widespread exposure of the controversial, corporate-driven policies they promote,” said Progress Florida Executive Director Mark Ferrulo. “We’ve found that these organizations march in lockstep with ALEC’s anti-middle class agenda.” The report details how JMI and FGA falsely claim to be independent, local operators when in fact they are part of the State Policy Network, a national Koch-funded, ALEC-allied network of organizations. JMI, FGA and other State Policy Network member groups advocate for a national agenda driven by out-of-state corporate actors. Be it the economy, environment, education, workers’ rights or access to health care, State Policy Network member groups promote policies that are not only designed to fatten the bottom line of their corporate funders, but are consistently harmful to Florida. “Floridians need to know how these groups misrepresent themselves and their agenda, and how much influence they maintain over lawmakers,” said Ferrulo. “We will continue to shine a bright light on ALEC, front groups like JMI and FGA, and the lawmakers who are doing their dirty work rather than acting in the best interests of our state.”


Florida ordered to release teacher evaluation data (Andy Ford quoted in the first link, Mark Pudlow in the next two and FEA mentioned in the last)


The wrong way to publish teacher prep value-added scores

Alachua school raises coming in November 15 paychecks (Karen McCann quoted)


Two Highlands school board members remain firm against grading policy (Carla Rice and Tim Murphy quoted)


School support employees, Collier district at odds over raises (Jonathan Tuttle quoted)


Returning retired teachers shouldn't get continuing contracts, lawmaker says


Miami-Dade delays tech rollout as other districts struggle


Testing reform campaigns explode across the nation


U.S. Education Department to scale back key waiver-renewal mandates


Criser would bring experience in business, education to chancellorship


Former FSCJ president wants more money from school


Texas university’s race admissions policy is debated before a federal court


House speaker cool to Medicaid talk


UF researcher: Southeast must prepare for wild weather from climate change


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