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Group seeks veto of education bill “decided in secret” *

Not only is the First Amendment Foundation asking Gov. Rick Scott to veto next year's $82.4 billion budget -- the group is also now requesting a veto specifically for House Bill 7069, the controversial $419 million education bill that's tied to overall spending approved for 2017-18. As with the main budget act, the foundation says its concern with HB 7069 lies with how the legislation was crafted, not with the policies or appropriations within it. "According to all reports, major education policy decisions included in HB 7069 were largely decided in secret by a small number of legislators," wrote Barbara Petersen, president of the foundation. "The secretive process precluded any opportunity for public oversight or input on major changes to Florida’s education policy," Petersen wrote. "Alarmingly, local school officials were also shut out of the process, as were many legislators who were ultimately asked to approve this voluminous and complicated legislation decided in a manner closed even to them." Read the foundation's full letter here. (And in case you missed it, here's the foundation's veto request for the main budget act, SB 2500.) Numerous advocates of traditional public education are calling for Scott to veto HB 7069, both because of its contents and because of lawmakers' secrecy in crafting it during the final days of session. Those critics include school superintendents statewide, almost all elected school boards, and parent groups and teachers unions. Those supporting the bill are predominantly interest groups that would stand to personally benefit from it becoming law, such as charter school operators and school choice organizations. Both sides are inundating Scott's office with feedback on whether he should sign HB 7069 into law. (Joanne McCall quoted)


Scott still mum on budget veto plans


Education bill's path isn't how the process works


The governor must Veto HB 7069 on behalf of our public schools


Palm Beach district takes charter challenge to state Supreme Court (Mark Pudlow quoted)


Trump’s budget axes campus-based childcare for low-income students


Free play or flashcards? New study nods to more rigorous preschools


Texas educators mobilize against new anti-sanctuary immigration law


Don’t cut aid to state colleges


Miami Dade College is down four campus presidents after reorganization


After decade of flatlining wages, does upswing hint of better pay ahead?


Revision panel must obey Sunshine Law


State focuses on renewed threat from Zika virus


Treasure Coast sees first Zika case of the year


Russians think Trump might be a Russian asset, and they might be right


Trump campaign likely didn’t save documents


Trump’s personal lawyer refuses to cooperate with congressional inquiries


Flynn to hand over documents in response to Senate panel’s subpoena


Kushner tries to pretend everything’s normal


Four senators to watch in the Trump-Russia investigation (Rubio’s one of them)


A vocal defender of ethics has fans — and foes


What we know about Trump’s campaign, Russia and the investigation of the two


Nelson on Trump investigation: “Just the facts, ma’am”


Trump asked what blacks have to lose by voting for him. Look at his budget.


On voting rights, we’re becoming two separate and unequal countries


High court to review Ohio’s method for removing voters from registration rolls


A meaningful move on voting rights in Alabama


Florida among worst in restoration of rights


Poll: Most Americans want Senate to change or ditch House health-care bill


Are moderate Republicans really willing to kill the Senate health care bill?


No state would be immune from the GOP’s health-care bill


Protesters urge Rubio to vote against GOP health care bill


Trump administration moves to roll back birth control coverage


The GOP hates red tape — except when it comes to giving poor people health care


Man faces deportation after failing to pay fare on Minneapolis light rail


ICE agents are out of control


For the U.S.-European alliance, everything has changed


Germans perplexed as Trump escalates feud


Blind spots in Trump’s trade tirade against Germany


Trump on NATO funding: still misleading after months of fact checks


Trump’s insult to history


Trump could decide soon on Cuba policy


Trump poised to pull U.S. from Paris climate accord


Buchanan “strongly” urges Trump to stick with Paris agreement on climate change


More repression follows the president’s trip abroad


Trump’s disregard for the truth is something more sinister than ordinary lying


As Trump weighs shake-up, he faces recruiting challenge


A grieving mother’s letter to Trump


Elderly Trump University plaintiffs die waiting for checks


Activists investigating Ivanka Trump brands in China arrested, missing


Spicer tangles with the press corps


Another deadly consequence of climate change: The spread of dangerous diseases


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