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Bill would end these high school end-of-course exams *

A bill that would eliminate the majority of high school end of course exams, allow schools to give the remaining statewide tests in a paper-and-pencil format and seeks to take student test scores out of the grading equation for teachers and schools has begun to make the rounds in Florida’s capital. Sponsored by Sen. Bill Montford, a Tallahassee Democrat who also runs the state superintendents association, the bill has bipartisan backing. Anti-testing sentiment has been brewing statewide, as it has nationally, for years. Two years ago, Gov. Rick Scott acknowledged that students in public schools have to take too many tests and then cut one of them from the line up: the state’s language arts test for high school juniors. He also tweaked some rules that put the burden of chipping away further tests on the districts while the state lineup remained the same. Montford’s bill (SB  964/HB 1249) has considerably more breadth.  It would eliminate the Florida Standards Assessment in grade 9, all end-of-course exams except for Algebra 1 and Biology. It seeks to find alternates for other statewide exams in high school, such as the ACT or SAT.  It would push testing back to the last weeks of the school year. And, by allowing for pencil-and-paper testing, it could free up weeks of time in classrooms. (Because schools don’t have the computers or bandwidth to test all students at once, testing schedules are currently weeks-long windows during which students rotate through testing.)  “This is the first time since the 1999 passage of the A+ bill that we’ve had a bipartisan bill that, in Sen. (David) Simmons‘ words, restores sanity in teaching and testing,” said Vern Pickup-Crawford, who is lobbying on behalf of the Palm Beach County School District. Testing critic Bob Schaeffer, public education director for the group FairTest, calls Montford’s legislation “a step in the right direction.”  “It is a much better bill from an assessment reform standpoint in that it actually does something. Florida is among the worst (states) in test use and over use. The Montford bill is an attempt for compromise and it somewhat reflects concerns of the grass roots assessment reform movement.” Those concerns? The volume of testing and the consequences. “It’s very impressive that he was able to get that many Republicans, significant Republicans, to break the Jeb Bush lockstep.” Still, Schaeffer isn’t getting his hopes up. “I think it’s a good start. Tallahassee is starting to listen,” Schaeffer said. But it’s not enough to write the bill, it must move forward. “It’s whatever leadership decides. I don’t know that (they) have made this a priority.”


Can the education system survive DeVos’s extreme school-choice agenda?


Dismantling public education: Turning ideology into gold


Many more South Florida teachers get bonuses (Anna Fusco quoted)


More Treasure Coast teachers receiving top ratings (Vicki Rodriguez and Pam Miller quoted)


USEP gets new leader (Don Peace, Kenny Blankenship, Lisa Mazza and Phil Altshuler mentioned)


Educators read Dr. Seuss books to Santa Rosa students (Lisa Carothers quoted, Luke Flynt and Santa Rosa Education Association mentioned)


Jacksonville will appoint investigator for teacher’s complaint (Chris Guerrieri mentioned)


Senate scraps Obama regulations on school accountability (Randi Weingarten quoted)

North Carolina voucher program after three years: an expensive failure


Senate votes to give college students more in Bright Futures, financial aid


Can Florida universities and colleges rival rest of nation?


Corcoran targets Florida universities for foundation spending


State job cuts up 67 percent in February versus 2016


Tomato pickers win higher pay. Can other workers use their strategy?


House Republicans ready to kill jobs program despite Scott's protests


State of state: clash of power


In “the bubble,” new House Democrats feel the heat from GOP


Lawmakers call for mental health help in budget


Unanimous jury requirement for death cases passes Senate


Florida should phase out private prisons


State Supreme Court considers allowing vote to end felon disenfranchisement


Vote-by-mail fix ready for House


Two Miami-Dade Republicans are pivotal in Legislature’s gun debate


“Stand your ground” could get worse


Engineers give Florida a C grade for infrastructure


Steady U.S. job growth sets stage for Fed to raise interest rates


Trump keeps claiming he’s created U.S. jobs since Election Day. Not so.


The GOP can no longer claim it believes in fiscal responsibility


Justice Department declines to back claim Trump is not under investigation


House Intelligence Committee chiefs ask Justice for proof of wiretaps on Trump


Comey briefs Hill leaders amid outcry over Trump's wiretapping claim


House Democrats plot new attempt to shake loose Trump-Russia documents


Trump unaware Flynn was a “foreign agent”, Spicer says


Authorities looked into Manafort protégé


Huntsman is said to accept post as ambassador to Russia


WikiLeaks doesn’t raise doubts about who hacked the DNC. We know it was Russia.


The truth about the WikiLeaks CIA cache


In Florida, elderly and poor would fare worse under GOP healthcare plan


Obamacare revision clears committees as Trump tries to tamp down backlash


Conservatives want to blow up Senate rules to kill Obamacare


Fewer people than you think are affected by Obamacare premium increases


White House casts pre-emptive doubt on Congressional Budget Office


Spicer: Obamacare repeal bill “will land on the president's desk. He will sign it.”


Spicer is lying about Trump’s health-care debacle


Parents, advocates beg lawmakers not to cut mental health funding


GOP health-care bill would drop addiction treatment covering 1.3 million Americans


Either Ryan doesn’t understand insurance or you don’t understand Ryan


Poor “just don’t want health care”: GOP congressman faces backlash over comment


Male GOP lawmaker asks why men should pay for prenatal coverage


The Republican health-care plan isn’t about health care at all


Why Trump supporters have the most to lose with the GOP repeal bill


A bill so bad it’s awesome


Kasich: End the partisan warfare on health care


Allowing Obamacare to collapse isn’t the political trump card the president assumes


Tanning industry, taxed under Obama, cheers GOP health bill


White House pushes party officials nationwide to mobilize on health overhaul


Scott calls GOP health care plan “work in progress”


Trump’s new travel ban may be hard to beat. But states are trying.


“There is no way to be safe”: Oregon city fears immigration raids after 11 detained


Trump travel ban could prevent United States hosting World Cup


Growing signs of trouble for Trump’s border wall


Treasury calls on Congress to raise debt limit, begins steps to delay default


EPA chief says he doubts carbon dioxide’s role in global warming


Critics pound EPA chief after he disputes human role in climate change


EPA chief’s climate change denial is easily refuted by the EPA’s website


Pruitt demonstrates what climate denial sounds like


Climate lawsuit could change everything; White House doesn’t want it going to trial


Fair-housing advocates call potential HUD cuts “devastating”


After promising to revitalize “inner cities,” Trump wants to shred affordable housing


Trump weighs cuts to Coast Guard, TSA and FEMA to bolster border plan


Reports reveal Gorsuch repeatedly ruled against students with disabilities (Lily Eskelsen García quoted)


Nelson remains undecided on Gorsuch


The most powerful check on Trump


The political lexicon of a billionaire populist


The terms Trump and Bannon use: a glossary


The bombs of Bannon


Before Trump hired him, Bannon was making deals, kindling political fires in Florida


Trump in Palm Beach: Why did Russian pay so much for his mansion?


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With Trump in White House, his golf properties prosper


The aura of lawlessness around Trump is a struggle for us all


Ethics office still “concerned” about Conway’s endorsement of Ivanka’s business


White House defended Conway by saying its employees don’t have to follow rules




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