Today's news -- June 29, 2017




More schools earn A's and B's in state's annual report card


Raises in doubt for Pasco school employees, superintendent says (Don Peace quoted)


Teacher bargaining begins in Hillsborough (HCTA mentioned)


Volusia School Board disperses raises, health insurance savings (VUE mentioned)


Coach accused of hard foul on student calls out district (Kerr Fazzone quoted)


Pinellas charter school manager accused in swindling case in jail


Inside the NAACP’s fight to stop DeVos from expanding charter schools


Scott says he wants to permanently expand Bright Futures


State lawmakers failing open government


Voters are unaware of the Constitutional Revision Commission


Negron says he achieved session goals, despite Scott veto of priority bill


Senate president returns to West Palm Beach law firm


Corcoran’s agenda and style get bashed by panel of Pinellas lawmakers


Latvala pledges aid to mental health programs


Court grills Ayala lawyer over avoidance of death penalty


NOAA considers moving Miami headquarters amid budget cuts


Springtime for union busting?


Trump pushes U.S. labor board toward Republican control


The false premise behind GOP tax cuts


Trump official celebrates new Samsung factory that was planned before the election


Late-night TV on private prisons: “Trump has no idea what he's talking about”


Senate Intelligence committee will see the Comey memos


Trump backs off plan to attack Comey’s conduct


Yates gives detailed account of events that led to her firing


Democrats want House guarantee on Russia sanctions


Republicans are risking becoming the party of Putin


McConnell is trying to revise the Senate health-care bill by Friday


How the push for a Senate health-care vote fell apart amid GOP tensions


The GOP’s health-care bill is political kryptonite


Republicans, step away from the brink


The Republicans’ uncertainty strategy


Democrats to “crank up the outrage” over health care bill over holiday break


As Affordable Care Act repeal teeters, prospects for bipartisanship build


Republicans’ health-care efforts would set black women back, report finds


How Trump is a little right and a lot wrong about Medicaid


AFL-CIO runs ad, social media campaigns criticizing Senate health care bill (Richard Trumka quoted)


In McConnell’s own state, fear and confusion over health care bill


Republicans running for governor put in a tough position by Trump health cuts


Protesters vent over GOP health care bill outside Rubio’s offices


Rubio blames media "misinformation" after Obamacare repeal plan's delay


Senate Democrats sought to work with Trump. Then he began governing.


Stepsister, yes; Grandma, no: U.S. sets guidelines for revised travel ban,-refugees


Tougher immigration policies face first major legislative test of Trump era


Tourism officials consider Trump impact on travel


Passengers flying into U.S. to face more scrutiny, but laptops allowed


Texas’s new law on immigration policy is a blow to good policing


Hacks raise fear over NSA’s hold on cyberweapons


House Republicans pass tort bill by slim margin


Trump nominee who wrote Bush-era torture memos is scrutinized


Trump's plan to slap tariffs on steel imports carries big economic and political risks


Tillerson blows up at top White House aide


What happens when the whole world becomes selfish


Hating government doesn’t solve problems


How Trump and Cohn’s ruthless symbiosis changed America


Trump’s Obama obsession


Panel rejects attempt by Democrats to get Trump travel costs's-travel-costs


For Trump, a never-ending campaign turns a healthy profit


Democrat: “Just plain wrong” for Trump to hold fundraiser at own hotel


Trump’s future business plans may be hiding in plain sight


Authorities to investigate Trump lawyer’s nonprofit after “troubling” revelations


Trump's Russia lawyer faces conflict-of-interest questions over Kushner deal


The president wants to keep us in the dark



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