Today's news -- June 12, 2014



Is America abandoning public education?


Teacher tenure ruling in California is expected to intensify debate (Dennis Van Roekel quoted)


The Vergara trial teachers were not “grossly ineffective”


Job protections do not hurt students

What was the evidence in the Vergara case?


The damage of poverty is visible as early as kindergarten


Gates Foundation fingerprints are everywhere


How the PISA tests mislead the world


FSU hires new firm, restarts presidential search (Jennifer Proffitt quoted) (Ned Stuckey-French quoted) (Jennifer Proffitt quoted) (Jennifer Proffitt and Ned Stuckey-French quoted) (Ned Stuckey-French quoted)


UF joins online university consortium


Senate Republicans block student loan bill


Minimum wage increase could help 22 percent of Florida workers


Study: Florida is one of the most corrupt states


Final arguments filed in redistricting case


Broken promises on redistricting,0,7576926.story


U.S. economic recovery looks distant as growth stalls


More than one-fourth of men 25-34 years old earned poverty-level wages in 2013


Polarization is dividing American society, not just politics


Politicians’ refusal to compromise creating dangerous gridlock


Low voter turnout enables a tiny group to topple a giant


New Jersey's soaring corporate subsidies doing little to boost struggling economy


Group of Seattle franchise businesses sue to stop $15 minimum wage


Judge orders three early voting days restored in Ohio



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