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Superintendents object to plan for alternate tests *

Plans to revise Florida high school student options for key state tests have run into some objections from the state's superintendents. The Florida Association of District School Superintendents has suggested that the Department of Education's proposal to do away with the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test as an alternative to the Algebra I end-of course exam could have negative consequences for students. The department has recommended using the PSAT as the second option for students who do not pass the Algebra I EOC, which is required for graduation.

Department officials said the PERT has only middle school expectations, and that's not good enough. In its letter to the department, FADSS argued that students should have access to both PSAT and PERT while the state researches the comparative value of each. After all, FADSS observed, the department validated PERT as an acceptable alternative just four years ago. "The PERT has been a successful option for students," the group wrote. "Eliminating it as an option entirely could significantly impact students and preclude them from obtaining a standard high school diploma." The organization also contended that the proposal to increase the concordant score on the SAT that students could use to replace the state 10th grade language arts test goes too far. It noted the recommended score is that of college readiness, and not a 10th grade level. "It is not reasonable to expect 10th grade students to score at a College or Career Readiness Benchmark," FADSS wrote. "The recommended concordant score should be 430, which is the 'Green' 10th grade benchmark. This score means that the student has met or exceeded the benchmark for the 10th grade -- the grade in which the assessment is given." The State Board of Education is to take up these proposals quickly, but has removed them from its July agenda.


Hate late report cards? New state law could make them later next spring


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DeVos to meet with groups opposing protections for sexual assault survivors


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Republicans increasingly say colleges have negative impact on nation


New Florida law requires colleges to spell out student debt


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It's DeVos' job to protect students from predatory for-profit colleges


UF is among “Best Colleges for Your Money,” magazine says


Under federal Title IX investigation, UF has paid more than $170,000 in legal fees


Tech funders, startups already feeling sting of state budget cuts


Orlando faith leaders call on Scott to sign anti-discrimination order


Most state lawmakers have added to their personal wealth


If you thought it’s been hotter than usual, you nailed it. Florida set a record.


Bondi ordered to respond to lawsuit over unregistered charities


It’s getting harder to move beyond a minimum-wage job


Why is Trump more worried about coal miners than department store employees?


Three lawsuits filed against White House panel on voter fraud


ACLU of Florida sues Trump voter fraud commission


Voting panel tells states to hold off sending data while court weighs privacy impact


“Voter fraud” squad may already be tricking voters into disenfranchising themselves


Demonstrators in Orlando protest Trump, Scott on voter fraud probe


Trump Jr. was told in email of Russian effort to aid campaign


The latest Trump-Russia story has the makings of a blockbuster


The latest Russia revelations lay the groundwork for a conspiracy case


Russian lawyer describes being summoned to meet with Trump Jr.


The culture of dishonesty


Here are the big questions with the Trump camp’s latest spin about Trump Jr.


Timeline of a story about Trump Jr. and Russia that keeps getting worse


“Borders on treason”: Bush’s former ethics lawyer blasts Trump Jr.’s Russia meeting


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Why in the world would Trump Jr. take this meeting?


Trump Jr's message to Russian operatives? I'm open for business


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The galaxy of lawyers defending Team Trump on the Russia probe gets another star


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Why deciding to “move forward” with Putin is a big mistake


Trump’s fishy behavior on Russia is bigger than possible email collusion


Russia sanctions stall as Democrats object to being frozen out of restraining Trump


Yoho defends Trump Jr. meeting with Russian


Senate GOP aims to release new health bill by week’s end


GOP struggles to revamp ailing Obamacare repeal bill


Protests at congressional offices over GOP health care bill lead to 80 arrests


Senate Democrats seek GOP governors in effort to scuttle Obamacare overhaul


How Trumpcare dies


New study sharply rebukes major GOP talking point on health care


Foes of Obama-era rule work to undo birth control mandate


Frontline caregivers predict tragedy in Senate’s proposed Medicaid cuts


Crippling Medicaid cuts could upend rural health services


Six Florida congressional Democrats now support single-payer health care system


Scott on GOP efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare: “They can’t stop”


Battle inside Trump administration over control of immigration, refugees


In blow to tech industry, Trump shelves start-up immigrant rule


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Digital privacy to come under Supreme Court’s scrutiny


What is net neutrality and why is it at risk?


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On his trip abroad, Trump left America’s values behind


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A billionaires’ republic


What climate change could wreak -- sooner than you think


Earth's sixth mass extinction event already under way, scientists warn


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