Today's news -- January 5, 2017



New accounting method creates tension between Polk district, teachers * (Marianne Capoziello quoted)


Orange tries to limit out-of-school suspensions (Wendy Doromal quoted)


Unions raise money to support school staff post-hurricane (SJEA, SJESA and AFT mentioned)


Two State Board of Education seats vacant as next meeting approaches


Freshman House member, still a college student, files bills on tuition, scholarships


Florida ranks 29th in nation on education quality on annual report card


Will Trump’s Supreme Court reverse fair-share fees? Unions’ foes hope so


Charters in Michigan: A for-profit bonanza, sponsored by the DeVos family


Senate meeting on gun bills called off


Pension fund projections could be too rosy


South Florida continues to lead Obamacare sign-ups


Rubio votes to begin dismantling health care law despite concerns


Diaz-Balart says repealing Obamacare will help the economy


“Human error” derails state Supreme Court's death penalty ruling


Is Scott co-opting judicial nominating process?


House bill would affect public records lawsuits


Conditions that form more hurricanes also protect U.S., study finds


Obama fights for health law as Republicans stand firm on vow to repeal


GOP airs Obamacare divisions in Pence meeting


Paul will oppose Republican budget resolution against Obamacare


Trump takes on Democrats and health care law in a new Twitter blitz


Republicans are courting disaster on health care


A lesson in ethics


In farewell to military, Obama urges America to uphold its values


The farewell message Obama wishes he could give


House panel recommends cutting funding for Planned Parenthood, reigniting debate


Biden: Hill Democrats must stop “abuse of power”


Biden to tackle broad range of cancer issues, including drug prices


Trump’s criticism of intelligence on Russia is dividing Hill GOP


Trump and Assange, an unlikely pair, unite to sow hacking doubts


Stop trying to hush up the truth about election hacking


Trump to face sworn deposition


Democrats target “troublesome” Trump Cabinet nominees


CEO of chain that underpays, mistreats workers to lead the Labor Department


Durbin wary of Sessions' history on race


Activists want Nelson to delay confirmation hearing on Sessions




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