Today's news -- January 4, 2017




NEA to Congress: Now is time to renew commitment to public education * (Lily Eskelsen García quoted)


SBOE expected to set rules on new principal program


Time to play, time to learn


What will happen to after-school programs in a Trump administration?


Detentions, suspension and expulsion do not curb violent behavior


“Extra Yard” promises extra attention for teachers at college championship event


Former Pennsylvania charter principal alleged misuse of federal funds


Gun advocates rally troops for open carry fight


Don't roll back in-state tuition law for unauthorized immigrants


Negron eyes Bright Futures as key to Senate's ed plan


Schools seeking money for construction projects


Florida Polytechnic celebrates an early milestone as first grads turn their tassels


Constitutional commission should reflect Florida


Many workers can't afford a home in Southwest Florida as area booms


Lawmaker hopes to sack stadium funding program


Legislators say they'll require companies to disclose pollution spills


House Republicans, under fire, back down on gutting ethics office


Ryan wins reelection as House speaker


A new Congress is sworn in, but with many old faces


The new faces in the 115th Congress


Poll: Voters in Trump states want Democrats to keep him in check


If Republicans play winner-takes-all, everyone will lose


Trump is for sale


“Drain the swamp” quickly becomes “CYA”


A threat to U.S. democracy: political dysfunction


Welcome to the one-party state


Three steps for progressive resistance and rebuilding as Trump era launches


Women’s March could be the biggest inauguration demonstration


Hundreds of Collier, Lee women expected to march in D.C.


Trump’s agenda would boost his bottom line


Obama to huddle with Democrats on protecting his signature health care law


A bipartisan reason to save Obamacare


Schumer adopts Trump slogan: GOP wants to “Make America sick again”


The parliamentary tactic that could obliterate Obamacare


GOP plans to crush Democratic opposition to Trump Cabinet


Democratic Party builds a war room to battle Trump


NAACP president arrested during sit-in at Sessions’ office


Sessions says he handled these civil rights cases. He barely touched them.


More than 1,100 law school professors oppose Sessions’ nomination


Florida law professors join national effort to block Sessions as attorney general


Report fuels questions about Mnuchin role in foreclosure crisis




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