Today's news -- December 7, 2017





Book-banning — a crusade for Florida's simplest minds


Broward teachers getting raises of up to 3.51 percent (Anna Fusco quoted)


Hillsborough teachers not impressed with bonus offer (Stephanie Baxter-Jenkins quoted)


With a single word, Hillsborough School Board member enrages teachers again (RJ Forsythe and Kaitlin Vaccarello quoted)


Citrus School Board ups salary scale (CCEA mentioned)


Is a contract deal near for Pasco school employees? (USEP mentioned)


Teachers union president arrested at immigration rally in Washington (Karla Hernandez-Mats mentioned)


Florida GOP is trying to bust all labor unions — except cops — again (Karla Hernandez-Mats quoted)


Campus security focus of Sarasota schools’ town hall (SC/TA mentioned)


Bus driver shortage causing delays for Osceola students


Efforts to reduce standardized testing succeeded in many school districts in 2017


Worried about the drop in U.S. scores on international literacy test? Well, stop it.


What the latest research really says about LGBTQ youth in schools


Grad students arrested during tax protest at Ryan’s office


GOP changes to Higher Education Act could hurt victims of sexual assault


How Harvard’s hypocrisy could hurt your union


Georgetown University refuses to recognize graduate student union


Galvano says it could be January before Latvala case is resolved


Corcoran tells C-SPAN audience Latvala “heading toward expulsion”


Bradley says “zero tolerance” for sexual misconduct, intimidation


Taddeo becomes first Senate Democrat to call for Latvala’s resignation


Like him or not, Latvala deserves a fair hearing


New bill could help those with convictions restore voting and gun rights


At Disney, battles over $10 wages and 50-cent raises help tell Orlando's economy


Tougher texting-while-driving law gains House speaker's support


Florida synagogues challenge FEMA over Irma disaster relief


Still waiting for flood insurance fix


Puerto Rican population growth reshapes Central Florida


Women’s March Florida plans statewide events in January


Stronger labor unions could do a lot of good


Trump asks Supreme Court to overrule precedent helping unions


Ryan says GOP to target welfare, Medicare, Medicaid spending in 2018


Republicans move to resolve tax bill differences as cost concerns loom


As Republicans iron out their tax bill, expect a sweeter deal for corporations


Lobbyists push GOP in last-minute scramble to save tax breaks


Tax bill is likely to undo health insurance mandate, Republicans say


Rubio should fight for better child tax credit, group says


Will Rubio go to the mat this time?


Florida bond deals could lose billions under Republican tax overhaul


After cutting taxes, Trump looking to localities to raise revenue for infrastructure


Warren: Three ways to remake the American economy for all


Obamacare sign-ups defy Trump’s sabotage campaign


Flynn said Russian sanctions would be “ripped up,” whistleblower says


Trump Jr. cites attorney-client privilege in not answering questions about his father


Trump funder discussed trade, terrorism with Russian banker in Seychelles


Republicans hammer Mueller, FBI as Russia investigation intensifies


Gaetz, DeSantis, Yoho: FBI must investigate Clinton


Appeals court considers legality of latest Trump travel ban


Tucson police chief: Sessions’ immigrant policies will make cities more dangerous


When the truth is unconstitutional


Warrantless surveillance can continue even if law expires, officials say


House votes to sharply expand concealed-carry gun rights


“Good guys with guns” can be dangerous, too. Don’t gut concealed carry laws.


VA cuts program for homeless vets after touting Trump's commitment


Trump pick to head consumer safety board seen as too close to industries


The environmental scandal in Pruitt’s backyard


In rare move, tribes join to file lawsuit against Trump over Bears Ears


Trump’s radical monuments reduction will sully precious lands


Elections vs. auctions: Yet another way in which there’s too much money in politics


Stopping sexual abuse on the job begins with empowering workers


The most accurate climate change models predict the most alarming consequences







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