Today's news -- December 20, 2013



Florida superintendents continue push to change dual enrollment funding


Panhandle officials weighing in on fate of education system


Orange teacher raise impasse hearing kicks off with recriminations (Diana Moore mentioned),0,


K12 gets hefty profit to run New Jersey virtual charter school


Kasich, Ohio GOP legislators write laws that exempt their own kids from standardized testing


Audit: USF overpaid former coach Skip Holtz and three execs


How one publisher is stopping academics from sharing their research


A case of dubious document destruction in Florida redistricting challenge


Scott refuses to answer questions about broken unemployment website


Fewer unemployed in Florida? Maybe

Remember when Scott said he supported Medicaid? Well, forget that


Florida Republicans face Obamacare conundrum: Take the subsidy or not


Democrats to Scott: Call off latest DCF budget slashing


Florida Supreme Court certifies need for new judges


Disney unions try to demonstrate strength ahead of contract talks


Senate GOP chooses obstruction over helping the unemployed


$10.10 minimum wage would actually create new jobs, study says


The right's case of affluenza


Congress is warned anew not to breach debt ceiling


Feds offers a stopgap health insurance option,0,4556490.story


93 percent of hospital executives think Obamacare will make health care better


“Junk insurance” no bargain, some say


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