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Playing politics with our schools

One of the less understood, yet more important, fights lining up for the 2018 Legislative session in January will revolve around the definition of a tax increase. That will directly affect public schools funding. We feel the need to emphasize “public” school funding these days as opposed to “school funding” because private charter schools are getting more and more taxpayer dollars with each session. The tax squabble will ensue between the House and Senate. The issue will become the question “what is a tax increase?” School funding can be complicated. But, generally speaking, there are two tax sources that educate our kids — state funds and those delivered by individual counties. Gov. Rick Scott is “pro-pretty-much-everything” these days, as he ramps up for a run for the Senate. He’s called for a $770 million increase in school funding next year. He won’t get it. But on the campaign trail all that matters is that he “fought hard for our kids’ education” with the “largest increase in school spending” to date. The reason he’s not likely to make good on his plan is House Speaker Richard Corcoran. He’s vowed the House will pass no tax increase. He was right last year and is likely to be right again this year. The bulk of the money Scott’s eyeing for education will come from county taxes — nearly 70 percent of the funding. That’s based on a 6.15 percent increase in the state’s taxable real estate value. Scott and the Senate plan to keep the millage rate level and ride the crest of land and home values to the Promised Land. Corcoran has vowed to stop cold what he calls a tax increase. He wants to roll back the millage rate so schools get about the same amount of money to spend as last year.

Corcoran is expected to jump into the governor’s race at any time. Adam Putnam leads the Republican polling by a large margin, but Corcoran quietly raised $4 million during the summer. Corcoran is polling in double digits without announcing, which is significant. If things pan out, he could be in a two-way race with Putnam. He has the edge in experience and probably clout. And he’ll run on his “no new tax” platform — and can prove he means it by his leadership record in the House.

Schools are among the only taxing entities whose local millage rate is set by the state, not internally — the school board. So Corcoran’s definition of a tax increase leaves our schools with an ever-decreasing millage rate with which to fund the ever-increasing costs of education — books, electricity, real estate, infrastructure, lunches, teacher pay, security and more. Corcoran’s take on tax hikes is squeezing school funding. The issue of what a tax hike is — an increase in millage rate versus an increase in taxable value — will play a major role in the 2018 session. Scott and the Senate can’t keep their education promises with another millage rollback. Corcoran can’t keep his campaign promise without it.


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