Today's news -- December 18, 2013




Yet another study shows that merit pay doesn’t work


St. Johns County meets class-size requirements (SJEA mentioned)


Duval school district shows improvement in class size compliance


Do more to raise salaries for new teachers (NEA mentioned)


Walton teachers await pay raises


Vote on Broward school-construction outsourcing postponed (BTU mentioned)


Pembroke Pines' charter system gets a lesson in finances


Blame funding cuts for poor education (Randi Weingarten mentioned)


Florida high school grades out today,0,


Common Core’s not the problem; it’s the “other stuff”


Studying Pearson’s tax returns


Walton foundation pumps cash into vouchers


Corporate education reform won’t solve the problems caused by poverty


Who will reform the reformers?


North Carolina teachers union sues over tenure law changes


New Mexico teachers resist a state official’s plan for evaluating them


Rhee's consultant introduces California ballot measure


Wisconsin: Republican legislators seek dramatic expansion of charters


How a for-profit college created fake jobs to get taxpayer money


New regulations needed to rein in for-profit colleges


Report says Florida has highest insurance rates in nation


How America created a low-wage work swamp


How the super-rich ducked $100 billion in estate taxes since 2000


Budget deal gains enough GOP support to clear Senate


Just because Congress cut a budget deal doesn’t mean it’s a good one


States with higher black turnout are more likely to restrict voting



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