Today's news -- December 13, 2017



Spring testing window extended because of hurricanes *

A busy 2017 hurricane season kept hundreds of thousands of Florida students out of school for days, if not weeks, this past fall. First came closures in anticipation of Irma. Then came the extended time off to allow schools time to clean up, and staffs to return from evacuation. Districts established some makeup days. But leaders also raised concerns that the lengthy period away interfered with learning, and said more time before Florida's high stakes testing season would help. They asked for a week delay. They got a compromise. K-12 Chancellor Hershel Lyons has informed superintendents that the state testing window for reading and math Florida Standards Assessments, and all state end-of-course exams, and will begin as previously scheduled. They will run an extra week longer. That means the districts can start as originally planned if they want, or impose their own delay on testing days. Test windows are the time during which the students must sit for the assessments, but do not mean that children are taking exams every day during that time. Lyons added that the state's writing and science test dates will not change. But the department offered an extra makeup week for writing a month later. The science test already was slated for late April. Keep an eye on your local district for any changes to their test calendars as a result of this late change. See Lyons' memo for more details.


Bid to remove chairman of Manatee School Board fails (Pat Barber quoted)


School board pay question will return to Constitution Revision Commission


How the tax bill hurts the poorest schools


DeVos may not recognize it, but these public schools work


The rise of the virtual classroom could mean the end of teachers


Keeping U.S. education segregated is a highly profitable business for some


Reports on Zuckerberg reforms inconclusive, claims not supported by evidence


How pro-charter billionaires flooded Oakland's School Board Elections with cash


Tennessee to investigate ACT Inc. after controversy over student test scores


School voucher bills called a bad deal for Pennsylvania schools


Audit finds possible financial fraud at California charter school


How much money do Florida’s private college presidents take home?


House GOP higher ed bill moves ahead, despite cries to slow down


Inspector general calls on agency to process backlog of student debt relief claims


Senate spends $25,000 on outside attorneys for Latvala probe


Senate sexual harassment legal wars mount amid calls for “ethical walls”


Tax increases would need two-thirds vote of Legislature under proposal


CRC criticized again for procedural hiccups, announces second tour


CRC panel moves legislative session dates proposal through


Constitutional Review Commission considers law for victim's rights


House bill would ban governor, Cabinet from in-session fundraising


There’s a hidden cost to climate change. State taxpayers could foot the bill.


Unfettered building, scant oversight add to cost of hurricanes in U.S.


7,500 complaints of price gouging during Irma. Just one business fined so far.


Citrus crop declines continue, making case for federal aid


A social media movement helps turn Puerto Rico's power back on


How is Florida’s health? Not so great, report says


Florida Campaign for Criminal Justice Reform backs several state bills


South Florida prosecutors tell Congress how to help amid opioid crisis


Broward moves to sue drug companies over opioids


Activists call for investigation into allegations that black jaywalkers ticketed more


Republicans, closing in on final tax bill, aim for a vote next week


Senate tax bill would cut taxes three times more for business owners than workers


GOP tax plan could bring big New Year's surprises


The Republicans have momentum on the tax cut. How did it come to this?


What happens if the tax bill is a revenue disaster?


Tax cuts aren’t worth harm to Tampa Bay


Castor, only Florida on tax conference, calls for a do-over


Rubio criticizes fellow Republicans over plan to cut top individual tax rate


Puerto Rican officials lobby Congress against “devastating” GOP tax measure


Trump Jr. to appear before Senate Intelligence Committee today


Trump Jr. demands leak inquiry of House Intelligence Committee


White House lawyer: Mueller finished with interviews he’s requested


Tillerson, in meeting with U.S. diplomats, says Russia “interfered” in election


Jailed Russian: I hacked Democrats “under the command” of Russian intelligence


In texts, FBI officials in Russia inquiry said Clinton “just has to win”


Text messages in hand, Republicans plan to accuse Justice Department of bias


Matt Gaetz to Trump: Mueller probe “infected with bias”


Obamacare’s individual mandate is crucial; GOP needs thoughtful replacement


Obamacare sign-up “deadline” Friday but Floridians actually have two more weeks


Democrats back away from brink on “Dreamers”


Vote on the “Dreamers.” Now.


The false promise behind the FCC’s net neutrality repeal plan


Net Neutrality protests move online, yet big tech is quiet


FCC chairman says social media lacks transparency in how it restricts conservatives


Veterans charity raises millions, but telemarketers are pocketing most of it


Trump has unprecedented power to remake powerful economic body


Trump's stand-in bureaucrats may have overstayed limits


Trump administration wrongfully withheld funds from a popular energy program


EPA watchdog launches investigation into Pruitt’s $25,000 privacy booth


Court upholds Obama-era ban on new Grand Canyon uranium mines


Report: Americans view Trump White House as most corrupt institution


Trump sends sexually suggestive and demeaning tweet about Gillibrand


Gillibrand hits back at Trump over demeaning tweet


Trump’s combative denials again draw him into the sexual harassment debate


“I am not a liar,” Florida Trump accuser tells national talk show


Frankel leads call for sexual-misconduct investigation of Trump


Half of voters say sexual misconduct accusations against Trump are credible


Schumer calls police over forged sexual harassment document


“Fake news,” Trump’s obsession, is now a cudgel for strongmen


Fox News v. Mueller


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