Today's news -- December 12, 2017





Hillsborough teachers' union not yet ready to declare impasse over pay (Stephanie Baxter-Jenkins quoted)


Transgender teen takes the stand in Duval civil trial over bathroom rights


State textbook law lets residents challenge school curriculum


Trump picks Bush ally Brogan to be assistant secretary of education


Minnesota Legislature was wrong to weaken tenure


Virginia’s governor takes emergency steps to curtail teacher shortage


Yet another Chicago schools chief resigns amid scandal


New higher education bill rolls back Obama-era safeguards


In an era of inequity, more and more college financial aid is going to the rich


For-profit colleges head for new boom cycle -- thanks to the Trump administration


FAU launches program to boost South Florida medical research


Women in politics fear #MeToo moment will backfire — and they’ll pay


Latvala accuser’s lawyer puts Senate on notice


Senate won’t identify attorney recommended for Latvala probe


Matt Gaetz won’t be witness in state Senate’s “sham” sex-harassment investigation


Speaker tight-lipped about aide secretly moonlighting for Schorsch


U.S. experts urge Florida to swap voting info with other states


State faces shortfall in children’s medical program


Another state to warn families that CHIP might end because Congress failed to act


Record numbers are signing up for Obamacare in state


Diaper tax cut the latest pro-women tax plan by state Democrats


Negron supports governor’s “job growth” fund


Number of dead boats from Hurricane Irma rises to more than 2,000


Amid Puerto Rico disaster, hospital ship admitted just six patients a day


Don’t expect debt payments from Puerto Rico any time soon


Curbelo: DACA fix needs to happen “this week”


Collier sheriff promises review of immigration agreement with federal government


Ayala fires back at Scott with letter of her own


Tampa forum focuses on reforming state’s juvenile justice system


Federal government turns on unions in Janus case


Tax plan’s biggest cuts could be in living standards


GOP lawmakers struggle to close gaps in tax plan


Trump administration’s tax “report” reads like fan fiction


Mnuchin’s magical math on taxes


Collins is wrong about the tax bill and Obamacare


I don’t like the GOP tax bill, but now my life depends on beating it


Senate GOP is divided over whether to pursue Medicare cuts in 2018


Looming pension shortfalls to complicate next shutdown fight


Disabled lost voting rights under Trump election fraud commissioner’s law


Inside legal team: Trying to protect Trump from Mueller’s “killers”


Why Team Trump needs to lay off the Mueller probe


Mueller is closing in on Trump. Congress must protect his investigation.


Judge declines to punish Manafort but warns similar acts could violate gag order


Fingerprints of Russian disinformation: From AIDS to fake news


PolitiFact Lie of the Year: Russian election interference is “made-up story”


The rightwing takeover of the court system will transform America


Supreme Court won’t hear case on bias against gay workers


“No shame”: How the Trump administration granted big oil's wishlist


Net Neutrality: How a repeal could kill the careers of indie musicians


White House hides troop numbers in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan


Women accusing Trump demand Congress investigate misconduct claims


Trump blames Democrats for “fabricated stories” of sexual misconduct


White House’s new lie about the women accusing the president of sexual abuse


The other, mostly forgotten, time that Trump bragged about sexual harassment


The State Department accidentally promoted Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. Chaos ensued.


Trump escalates his criticism of the news media, fueling national debate


Yes, the truth still matters


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