Today's news -- August 9, 2017



In texts, Stewart mocked Chartrand's test score claim *

State education Commissioner Pam Stewart, in a sardonic text exchange with a colleague, accused a prominent GOP donor who chairs a Jacksonville charter school chain of using misleading data to boast about students’ test scores, according to public records obtained by Politico Florida. Stewart said in a text message to a top staff member that the leaders of KIPP Jacksonville overstated the percentage of third graders who passed state reading exams.  In the May 19 conversation, Stewart was critical of Gary Chartrand, a member and former chair of the state Board of Education who also heads the governing panel for KIPP's three Florida charter schools. Chartrand, executive chairman of Acosta Inc., a Jacksonville sales and marketing firm, is a reliable campaign donor to Republicans, including Gov. Rick Scott.  In the texts, Stewart suggested Chartrand and the network’s executive director, Tom Majdanics, had been bragging that 41 percent of third graders at KIPP VOICE Elementary School passed this year’s reading tests, when the figure was actually 35 percent. The details of when and how Chartrand made this claim to Stewart are unclear. Chartrand declined to comment, and a spokeswoman for the state Department of Education would not provide additional information. On that Friday in May, the education department released third graders’ scores on English language arts exams to schools, which use the information to determine whether to promote the students to fourth grade. A state law requires schools to hold back third graders who fail the reading tests, with some exceptions. Juan Copa, a deputy commissioner who oversees testing, wrote to his boss at 2:45 p.m.: “Have you received any messages from supers regarding grade 3?” (His abbreviation “supers” refers to school district superintendents.) “Just mi amigo,” Stewart responded, not naming the superintendent she was referring to. A department spokeswoman would not elaborate. Stewart added that Hershel Lyons, chancellor of K-12 public schools, placed calls to six or seven leaders. Then she wrote: “Gary trying to claim kipp went to 41%.” Citing the actual data, Copa replied, “Kipp Voice Elem went from 28% to 35%.” “I know,” Stewart wrote. “I think he/[they] take out retained 3rd graders when they calculate.” “Why?” Copa asked. “They are included in school grades.” “No kidding,” Stewart responded. She added: “Tim’s creative way of selling his board on what they are doing.” Then she corrected herself: “Tom. Not Tim.” Chartrand got the 41 percent figure from an email Majdanics had sent to the full board explaining the results. As Stewart guessed in her texts, the executive director had provided a pass rate that excluded students who were repeating third grade after failing the test the year before.


111 Polk classrooms without teachers day before school (Marianne Capoziello quoted)


Budget deficit brings most Pasco extended-day programs to an end (USEP mentioned)



For Republicans, HB 7069 and constitution panel go hand-in-hand (by Mark Castellano)


Orlando Christian school kicked out of voucher programs


Financial woes, low enrollment causes Fort Myers charter to close


Cost of living adjustment raises the ire of school officials


Why some schools are closing for the solar eclipse -- but others are staying open


Teenage pregnancy is at an all-time low. Trump could soon change that


Plaintiffs in Alabama appeal decision to allow white city to secede from its district


Don’t believe the hype about D.C.’s “reform successes”


Graduate students on these seven campuses are fighting for their labor rights


He lacked experience, left application mostly blank but got huge state job


Sugar barons built an $8 billion fortune with Washington’s help


The help Trump promised hasn’t come. So Palatka works to save itself.


State faces $20 million cut to services to combat opioid crisis


Cuts to drug treatment, mental health show state's true colors


State water regulators approve big permits for pulp mills


Want quality workers? Raise your wages, says Federal Reserve official


More proof that Trump administration plans to purge voters


Trump campaign turns over thousands of documents in Russia probe


Mueller, team members gave up million-dollar jobs to work on investigation


Can Congress keep Mueller from being fired?


The Kremlin-White House lie machine spins out of control


Health care uncertainty could lead to higher costs


Another GOP lawmaker grilled at health-care town hall


Nelson says he’ll campaign on saving Obamacare


Real risk to health care is attitudes like Rubio’s


Deportation orders up under Trump, fewer prevail in immigration court


The danger from low-skilled immigrants: not having them


4,100 immigrants in Lee and Collier counties have ICE court cases


Immigrant groups urge Florida GOP lawmakers to oppose Trump


Trump White House quietly courts Democrats for tax overhaul


Trump aides copy Bush strategy in tax fight


The looming debt ceiling fight, explained


McConnell criticizes Trump's “excessive expectations”


Even on break, a Congress weary of Trump gets no respite from him


Public works funding falls as infrastructure deteriorates


The United States needs more bureaucracy, not less


Climate report could force Trump to choose between science and his base


Scientists fear White House will bury federal climate change report


Pruitt climate science challenge splits conservative allies


Experts criticize EPA’s new chemical approval process as a handout to industry


This is how bad things could get if Trump denies the reality of climate change


Leaked climate change report warns only massive carbon cuts will save Miami


Trump holds off on declaring opioid crisis a national emergency


Trump threatens “fire and fury” in response to North Korean threats


Trump’s harsh language on North Korea has little precedent, experts say


The danger of an incurious president


North Korea now making missile-ready nuclear weapons, U.S. analysts say


North Korea’s alarmed neighbors consider deploying deadlier weapons


“God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un,” evangelical adviser says


Trump White House weighs plan to privatize much of the war in Afghanistan


Iranian drone buzzes U.S. fighter jet over Persian Gulf


Kelly is an apolitical force in a White House divided by ideology


Pence’s real power move


Why the Trump Organization could be Trump’s undoing


Democrats demand federal agencies tell how much they spend at Trump businesses


Want a job at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago? Fire up the fax -- but the number doesn’t work


Trump golf club fighting millions in reimbursements to former members


Trump gets a folder full of positive news about himself twice a day


Scholar on Trump TV: “This is Orwellian, and it’s happening right now, right here”


White House defends silence on mosque bombing, says liberals may have faked it


Behind the Kushner and Ivanka Trump PR machine


Sinclair deal draws unlikely opponent: conservative news media


Has James O’Keefe accidentally stung himself again?

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