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Suing state over HB 7069 is understandable move *

Sometimes you have to stand up for principles and principals. So, unfortunate as it is to see taxpayers supporting each side in a lawsuit, Lee County School Board members made the right decision last week to go to court against the state over approval of House Bill 7069. Lee board members unanimously agreed to join the collaborative suit, initially committing $25,000 of legal fees. A half-dozen school boards in Florida voted in July to challenge the Legislature’s passage of the measure, with five agreeing to join in one suit. Meanwhile, the Palm Beach School Board wants to pursue a separate filing to make defending HB 7069 more difficult on the state, the Sun-Sentinel reported. Sunshine State News recently reported that about 15 other school boards across Florida are to consider this month whether to join the collaborative lawsuit. Collier’s School Board will discuss the matter this month, despite strenuous objections by two of its members. HB 7069, signed in June by Gov. Rick Scott, was a sweeping measure pushed by House leadership that blended various unrelated education bills into one 275-page concoction. Despite some pluses in HB 7069, our editorial board has cited its many objections to the measure, including the way it was secretly compiled with so many disconnected ideas and then jammed through at session’s end. We’ve objected to diverting taxpayer dollars from capital projects needed in traditional public schools to charter campus operators based on their student enrollment. Local school boards should decide if specific capital expenditures on any campus warrant taxpayer dollars. Now, various districts’ legal expenses to pursue the lawsuit as plaintiffs and the state’s costs for attorneys to defend HB 7069 both fall to taxpayers. We’d blame the Legislature’s flawed actions for causing this battle.


Report: GOP state Senate leaders feuded over massive education bill (Jeff Wright quoted)


Joanne McCall on TV this weekend


Duval approves more than 150 teacher terminations just weeks before start of year


Orange seeks grants to boost pay at schools


Volusia School Board chairwoman asks Pasco board to join funding fight


Pasco School Board signals intent to revise grading model for end-of-year exams


Algebra test alternatives still in play for Florida high schoolers


What to know before the tax-free shopping holiday starts Friday


ALEC’s attack on public education


Is the head of Phoenix charter school getting too creative with the rules?


What’s the link between charters, political donations and certification in New York?


Detroit charter school teachers won’t get paid -- but investors do


Trump administration reopens debate over race and college admissions


Actually, we still need affirmative action in college admissions. Here’s why.


Trump doesn’t care about affirmative action. So why restart the war?


Don’t use Asian Americans to justify anti-affirmative action politics


The Trump administration takes up the cause of oppressed white people


As Trump takes on affirmative action, let’s remember how Kushner got into Harvard


Sessions’ move to take on affirmative action energizes Trump’s base


Why Florida schools might steer clear if Trump shakes up affirmative action


In response to board concerns, PHSC president vows to make changes


Students to see financial aid expansion


Florida cops give black and Hispanic drivers harsher speeding tickets


Senate OKs seven new VA medical facilities for Florida


More money needed for state’s child-welfare first responders


The money, gifts and trips edition


Claim bills first legislation filed for 2018 session


After “hard and messy” battle, Visit Florida faces new problems


UAW faces big hurdles in Nissan unionization vote


Sanders attacks Nissan for “vicious” anti-union campaign


AFSCME leader is in the fight of his life


Trump nominee for OPM chief withdraws amid criticism from unions


Appeals court won't block Kobach deposition


Finding common ground, despite ideological divides


To protect voting, use open-source software


Wall Street, climbing sharply, skips Washington’s “soap opera”


Nearly half of America doesn’t benefit from Dow 22,000


Congress wants Trump Jr. phone records related to Russia meeting


Top FBI officials could testify against Trump


Bipartisan Senate bill aims to protect special counsel's job


Trump’s new top aide assures Sessions his job is safe


Oh, wait. Maybe it was collusion.


Trump signs Russia sanctions bill, but makes clear he’s not happy about it


Congress readies Round 2 with Trump on Russia


Trump lawyer also represents a Russian bank


House Judiciary chairman’s priority: Investigating Clinton, not Russia


Cutting payments to insurers could end up costing the government more


Lawyers, lawmakers leave Trump administration in limbo on Obamacare subsidies


New bipartisan Obamacare push faces steep climb


GOP clash looms over raising the debt ceiling


He went to ICE to tell agents he had gotten into college. He got deported.


Republican senators introduce bill sharply limiting legal immigration


Trump says the proposed immigration bill will raise wages for Americans. It won’t.


Trump’s war on legal immigration would cripple the economy


It’s a mistake for Trump to cut legal immigration in half


Plan to hire 15,000 border and immigration personnel isn’t justified, watchdog says


Border Patrol ordered to block congressmen during travel ban


White House uses debunked Mariel boatlift study to propose immigration crackdown


White House distances itself from the poem on the Statue of Liberty


Florida driver’s license office had a parking problem, turns away legal immigrants


Senate sends G.I. Bill expansion to Trump


Senate Democrats seek to outdo Trump on trade


Trump and Zinke are purging climate scientists for telling the truth


Kelly cracks down on West Wing back channels to Trump


Trump keeps his conservative movement allies closest


Feasting on false and fake


Trump makes up two phone calls in one week


Trump is a serial liar, even when it comes to trivial issues


Trump’s golf game tells us an awful lot about Trump


“It’s just an embarrassing spectacle at this point”


A reporter pressed the White House for data. That’s when things got tense.


Confusion, anger inside Fox News over lack of answers in network's Seth Rich probe


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