Today's news -- August 22, 2017





Districts learn how much money they'll get for construction, maintenance


Volusia School Board amps up funding demands


Money is the issue as Hillsborough strains to fix school air conditioners


Corcoran again blasts Hillsborough Schools’ spending


The newest advantage of being rich in America? Higher grades.


Sex education based on abstinence? There’s a real absence of evidence


How state preemption became a serious problem for local governments


Antonacci takes cues from Scott, Enterprise Florida board


Aviation groups: Privatizing air traffic control hurts state flight training


Public suffers because of Public Service Commission nominating process


Bethune deserves Capitol recognition


Let consumers sue companies


Kremlin names veteran diplomat as ambassador to the U.S.


My life at a Russian propaganda network


Trump’s team and lawmakers making strides on tax reform plan


The boring little budget office that Trump hates


Trump aides plot a big immigration deal -- that breaks a campaign promise


Trump administration moves to expand deportation dragnet to jails


Gorsuch doesn’t seem to care much about impartiality after all


Trump's real damage is being done in federal agencies


Trump dismisses climate policy advisers


Coal mining health study is halted by Interior Department


Trump's decision to allow plastic bottle sales in national parks slammed


Trump announces strategy for Afghanistan that calls for troop increase


Angry Trump grilled his generals about troop increase, then gave in


Trump faces reality in Afghanistan: No quick path to victory and no clear way out


Trump’s vague doctrine: “obliterate,” “crush” — and who cares about the details?


America is out of ideas in Afghanistan


America’s former envoy to Afghanistan says the war can’t be won


Most oppose sending more troops to Afghanistan -- except in Trump’s base


Trump’s Pentagon wants to spend almost $500 million on Guantánamo construction


GOP on eggshells as Trump storms into Phoenix


Phoenix mayor: Now is not the time for Trump to visit my city


As Trump heads to Arizona, GOP leaders want him out of Flake’s Senate race


Arpaio keeping his calendar clear for possible Trump pardon


In his speech on Afghanistan, Trump tries again to win the Battle of Charlottesville


Poll shows clear disapproval of how Trump responded to Charlottesville violence


White supremacists are openly using Nazi symbols. That’s a warning to all of us.


Like Trump, JFK was tested by white supremacists. Here’s what he did about it.


Trump is delighting dictators everywhere


Business leaders who abandoned Trump’s councils may not stray far


Trump’s list of false and misleading claims tops 1,000


Other Trump venues lose events as charities flee Mar-a-Lago


Here’s how the Trump brothers are running the family business


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