Today's news -- August 21, 2017





Fifty schools apply for “Schools of Hope” grant


Something is better than nothing (Marianne Capoziello quoted)


Few Tampa Bay charters in economically challenged communities earn top grades


A Miami middle school erases its ‘F’ -- college kids down the road might be why


Taking a solar eclipse day? School districts say students can stay home


Schools in eclipse's path seize on ready-made science lesson


Some pretty cool science is gonna happen during the eclipse


Should you trust climate science? Maybe the eclipse is a clue


Student safety a concern as Volusia, Flagler schools empty during solar eclipse


Why my kids won't be in school today


School buys 1,300 eclipse glasses. The district told them they couldn’t use them.


New school year, same flawed start times


Let Florida voters decide fate of education funding formula


Effort aims to help a “taken for granted” group: students in rigorous classes


Unite against hate! Resources for students, educators, and families


“Sanctuary schools” defy Trump's immigration crackdown


New York: Teacher who made “tithe” charge at charter school gets $2,000 check


San Antonio: Charter leader accused of massive theft from school


FAMU trustees seek to bypass national search for president


Gradebook podcast: On hate speech at UF, and education reform in the Legislature


Making tax increases harder would sentence Florida to mediocrity


Whatever happened to home rule in Florida?


Florida's unemployment rate in July remains steady at 4.1 percent


Advocates push for restoration of voting rights for ex-felons at forum


House sets schedule for September committees


Five topics on 2018 legislative lineup


Pediatricians say Florida hurt sick kids to help big GOP donors


Now's your chance to reshape state constitution


Rising seas: For Cedar Key, diagnosis is in


Sarasota starts preparing for risks associated with sea level rise


Voter suppression is the civil rights issue of this era


What will Trump do to American workers?


New Missouri right-to-work law suspended


Labor groups step up pressure on Trump to deliver


Mueller focuses on Trump’s son


Lobbyist at Trump campaign meeting has a web of Russian connections


Opponent wants FBI to investigate Rohrabacher in wake of Assange meeting


GOP wants end to talk about white supremacists so they can cut taxes for the rich


Sessions should end this government cash grab


In Tennessee, promoting enrollment in tenuous health care plans


Trump’s immigration policies will devastate the Midwest


Trump vowed to hire 5,000 new Border Patrol agents. It never happened.,amp.html


Sessions’ absurd link between sanctuary policy and crimes in Chicago, Miami-Dade


Trump moves to impede consumer lawsuits against nursing homes


Pruitt is dismantling EPA in secret just as the GOP health care bill was secret


EPA promised “a new day” for the agriculture industry, documents reveal


Trump administration disbands a federal advisory committee on climate change


DOE-funded study finds solar and wind power are literally life-saving


Administration begins to weaken environmental standards for freight trailers


Tech goes from White House to doghouse in Trump’s Washington


Defense secretary reveals the trans military ban is in limbo


Trump elevates U.S. Cyber Command, vows “increased resolve” against threats


Trump settles on Afghan strategy expected to raise troop levels


Talk of “preventive war” rises in White House over North Korea


Trump may be planning to make a very bad decision on the Iran deal


Trump officials renew effort to expand use of prison at Guantánamo


How Trump is enabling famine


Romney tells Trump to apologize for causing “racists to rejoice”


Mother of woman killed in Charlottesville says she will not speak to Trump


Torch-wielding white supremacists chanted “Russia is our friend” at rally


Trump’s Charlottesville comments were just another distraction


White supremacist rally in Boston fizzles, overtaken by anti-racism march


Trump attacks Boston counter-protesters as “anti-police agitators”


Phoenix officials worry Trump’s rally could spark tensions in the streets


White House bracing for an angry reception in Phoenix


Gainesville prepares for protests like Charlottesville


Megachurch pastor resigns from Trump’s evangelical council


Members of White House arts committee resigning to protest Trump’s comments


Members of Trump’s “digital economy” advisory board are quitting


Trump’s White House is turning a blind eye to white-supremacist terrorism


Mnuchin defends Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville violence


Falwell Jr: Trump praised supremacist rally because he had “inside information”


What do black Americans have to lose? Under Trump, we’ve already lost a lot.


Trump, Neo-Nazis and the Klan


Trump's Dixie apocalypse


Trump says he’s committed to fighting white supremacy. His policies say otherwise.


The showdown over how we define fringe views in America


Anti-racism research and policy center created at American University


“Stamped from the Beginning” charts the uncomfortable history of American racism


The storm around America's statues isn't about history. It's about whiteness.


In monument debate, calls for an overdue reckoning on race and Southern identity


Jeh Johnson: Confederate statues are now “rallying points” for hate groups


Lee and Confederate statues generate reverence, revulsion in Florida


Scott says decisions on monuments should be left to the democratic “process”


Gillum says removing Confederate monuments not “whitewashing” history


South Florida rep wants to remove every Confederate monument in state


Baxley scheduled to speak on importance of Confederate monuments


Palatka monument quietly avoids controversy — for now


One city official’s solution for Confederate statue debate? Give them all to his town


What are the 63 hate groups in Florida and are they dangerous?


Palm Beach County Republicans stand by Trump's handling of Charlottesville


The White House’s secretiveness is getting so bad, it’s probably illegal


Republican committees have paid $1.3 million to Trump-owned entities this year


Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club loses a bunch of big charity events


Secret Service out of money because of Trump's frequent travel, large family


Kushner's firm seeks arrest of Maryland tenants to collect debt


Bannon out at the White House after turbulent run


With Bannon’s ouster, question remains whether his agenda will be erased, too


West Wing lurches into unknown after Bannon’s exit


Bannon says he’s “going to war for Trump” after White House exit


Bannon's work is done. Trump doesn't need him now.


Bannon returns to Breitbart: “I've got my hands back on my weapons”


Inside the rise and fall of Bannon


Bannon's ouster could boost the Koch network, which has sway in the White House


For Murdoch empire, perhaps a decisive point in relationship to Trump


Why GOP Congress will soldier on with Trump


Trump ally blasts congressional leaders


Sasse doubts if Trump can calm the nation after more violence


Schiff questions Trump’s “capability,” says issue could get worse with time


Congress seems to have forgotten what real leadership is




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