Today's news -- August 17, 2017




Why 35 Duval teachers were removed three days before reporting to work (Terrie Brady quoted)


Hillsborough leaders ask for patience as schools suffer from broken air conditioners


Polk School Board member on education reform


More school district eclipse news


New school year can be stressful


Critics allege Koch brothers use university to boost anti-renewable energy agenda


Florida Highway Patrol official resigns amid quota flap


Gwen Graham calls on Scott to denounce Trump’s Charlottesville comments


Gillum: Get rid of Capitol’s Confederate memorial


Latvala says he’ll capture more Trump voters than GOP opponents


Charlottesville questions dog Latvala at campaign launch


Realtors kick off Amendment 2 campaign


Scott, Bondi condemn white supremacists, but not Trump's “fine people” comments


After trashing “moral equivalence,” Scott to have lunch with Trump


After Charlottesville, Crist sees turning point with GOP and Trump


Frankel on Trump’s Charlottesville remarks: “He’s not my president”


Richardson says it’s time to dump Trump


Matt Gaetz condemns Charlottesville violence, KKK; wants statues to stay


GOP strategist Wilson tees off on Trump


Why can't Hillsborough commissioners move Confederate monument?


Confederate monument at Capitol sparks debate after Charlottesville


Two Pensacola councilmen join call to remove Confederate monument


Morgan intends to pressure every politician to fund wage initiative


Could a universal basic income work in the U.S.?


Fed officials confront new reality: low inflation and low unemployment


Trump’s tax cuts: They’re even more regressive than I thought


The voter purge crusade before Trump’s sketchy elections commission


Ex-Trump campaign aides start voter registration effort


Surveys: FBI agents backed Comey, weakening Trump’s claim of turmoil


In Ukraine, a malware expert who could blow the whistle on Russian hacking


Republicans have a new plot to gut Medicaid and they don’t need Congress


People who get Medicaid are made to feel powerless


Miami-Dade mayor criticizes Trump as Trump’s AG praises county


Sessions blasts Chicago mayor in sanctuary cities speech


Protestors denounce Sessions, Gimenez over county aiding Feds in detentions


Trump ends Obama-era protection program for Central American minors


Trump rolls back Obama-era flood standards for infrastructure projects


Trump’s comment on Venezuela makes a bad situation worse


Exporting chaos to Venezuela


There will be no Florida investment in Venezuela, governor and Cabinet affirm


Trump comments on race open breach with CEOs, military and GOP


“He is stubborn and doesn't realize how bad this is getting”


Unlike his predecessors, Trump steps back from a moral judgment


Trump’s lack of discipline leaves new chief of staff frustrated and dismayed


Trump’s embrace of racially charged past puts Republicans in crisis


McConnell's secret fury over Charlottesville response highlights GOP's dilemma


Republicans in Congress may be stuck in a relationship with Trump


It is indefensible for Republicans to stick with Trump


House Democrats push GOP to do more than talk tough on Trump


Trump “sad” over removal of “our beautiful statues”


The whole point of Confederate monuments is to celebrate white supremacy


Two White House corporate advisory groups disband amid fallout


The “business president” couldn’t even keep CEOs on his side


CEOs long avoided politics. Trump is changing the calculus.


Richard Trumka: Why I quit Trump’s business council


President’s lawyer jumps into racial controversy by forwarding inflammatory email


How Trump helped the racists snatch victory from the jaws of defeat


White nationalists yell loudest, but quieter forms of racism need to be tackled, too


Bannon, unrepentant


Jewish Trump officials silent on president’s defense of anti-Semitic protesters


Republican Jewish Coalition breaks with Trump on Charlottesville


Rabbi who oversaw Ivanka Trump’s conversion to Judaism slams Trump


I was in Charlottesville. Trump was wrong about violence on the left.


Trump’s false claim that counter-demonstrators lacked a permit


Former CIA director slams Trump's “despicable” comments


Carson calls criticism of Trump “little squabbles” being “blown out of proportion”


Poll: Most Americans think Trump's response to Charlottesville not enough


Poll: 67 percent of Republicans agree with how Trump handled Charlottesville


The other inconvenient truth


A divided country is exactly what Trump wants


Trump’s double standard for white supremacists and Muslims


UF's move to deny white nationalist a venue sets up a First Amendment court fight


Hundreds light candles at UVa, reclaiming campus after white nationalist march


Remember Heather Heyer


After Charlottesville violence, colleges brace for more clashes


Mayors taking swift action to avoid becoming the next Charlottesville


Phoenix mayor asks Trump to delay visit, hoping for “more sound judgment”


Charlottesville violence spurs new resistance to Confederate symbols


For Hicks, Trump’s interim communications director, it’s mission: impossible


In the age of Trump, a new surge of interest in the Constitution


The demographic shift that gave Trump the presidency, now threatens his party


What we’re in danger of losing






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