Today's news -- August 15, 2017



State: Districts must review eligibility for “Best and Brightest” bonuses


Trump's education ideas are polarizing


Poll: Support for charters drops markedly over past year


Charter advocates play the race card


Manatee district, teachers union identify what they want to negotiate (Pat Barber and Bruce Proud quoted)


Lake School Board protests funding inequities between counties


Senator or lobbyist? Texts show “overlap” between Montford's conflicting jobs


Wanted in Arizona: Teachers. No experience, very little education required


Florida universities hire faculty in push for smaller classes, more prestige


Lack of broadband hurts higher ed in rural areas


Murders surge in Florida in decade after “stand your ground” law


Florida tourism keeps growing thanks to U.S. visitors


Pre-election day turnout approaches 9 percent in HD 44 special primary


Mulling Senate bid, Scott wants voters to limit tax increases


Report: Gerrymandering gave Republicans advantage in elections


Trump campaign emails show repeated efforts to set up Russia meetings


Emails make it harder for Trump to deny Russia meddled in the election


Medicaid emerges stronger after failed healthcare repeal


Consumers will have less help, fewer days to enroll in Obamacare


Within seven years, refugees are self-sufficient and contributing to the U.S.


Following “fire and fury,” Trump looks to ease tensions in Asia


North Korean ruler stands down on threat to Guam


Administration demands details on all visitors to anti-Trump website


New outcry as Trump rebukes Charlottesville racists two days later


Trump’s response to Charlottesville should surprise no one


FBI and DHS warned of growing threat from white supremacists months ago


Trump eliminated funding for group countering white radicalization


Trump missed chance to unite country against racism


Bombing plot in Oklahoma City is thwarted with arrest, FBI says


Republicans in six states are trying to protect drivers who hit protesters


Florida ranks among states with highest hate group numbers


Gainer takes a licking on social media


Scott offers support for UF ahead of possible white nationalist speech


Stargel opposes racist speaker at UF




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