Today's news -- April 19, 2017




Senate panel backs wraparound services *

Struggling public schools in Florida would be encouraged to extend their days by at least one hour and offer students social services, such as health care, under a new Senate proposal. The Senate budget committee that oversees pre-kindergarten to 12th grade education advanced legislation Tuesday that would overhaul state laws governing districts’ mandatory efforts to turn around failing schools. State Sen. David Simmons, R-Altamonte Springs, introduced the new language as an amendment to SB 1552. The existing bill contains his plan for expanding “best and brightest,” a teacher and principal merit pay program. The amendment provides more details about what the Senate will seek in an ultimate compromise with the House on HB 5105, the so-called “schools of hope” bill. Top senators have said they would support policies promoting charter schools in impoverished areas only if they also provide additional resources for traditional public schools that are failing. They have advocated for “community schools” models where schools offer “wraparound” services. Under the legislation, a new option for districts designing state-mandated turnaround plans would be to “enter into a formal agreement with a nonprofit … to implement an integrated student support service model that provides students and families with access to wrap-around services, including, but not limited to, health services, after-school programs, drug-prevention programs, college and career readiness, and food and clothing banks.” The bill notes schools might be eligible for additional state funding for such services. Other turnaround options under the amendment would be “implement[ing] an extended school day with at least 1 hour of additional learning time” or giving principals more power, including over staffing. The committee adopted the amendment and then passed SB 1552. It heads to two other committees. However, if it doesn’t pass, senators could still include language from the bill either in the budget or later in an omnibus education compromise. The Senate already agreed to include HB 5105 in budget conference committee discussions. Read the 17-page amendment here.


Duval superintendent blasts charter giveaway plan now under Senate consideration


Special magistrate sides with Pasco district over teacher pay, contract terms (USEP mentioned)


Detroit school board votes to offer Duval superintendent top job (Terrie Brady quoted)


Miami lawmaker seeks new path for recess after it stalls through House inaction


Parents may get new way to challenge school textbooks


Fix schools, not teachers


Another day, another charter scandal


Senators want money for online university with low grad rate


Faculty urge sanctuary campuses for undocumented students (NEA mentioned)


Senate president can't say if Legislature will end May 5 as scheduled


Faced with cuts in tourism marketing, Scott ups ante and seeks $100 million


After offensive comments, Artiles fends off calls for resignation (FEA mentioned)


… Meanwhile, back in 2014


Artiles should resign; does the Senate have the steel to make that happen?


Tampa airport expansion trapped in Tallahassee crossfire


Bill calls for more audits of state pension system


No home for good ideas in contradictory state capital


Skilled workers wanted, but costly in South Florida


Low wages, high rent. Orlando has a problem.,amp.html


House rejects Democrats' amendments, tees up work comp bill for passage


Failure of the private state prisons


Remember when Trump promised to save Social Security?


Europe could have the secret to saving America’s unions


Tax reform is simple: Tax the rich


Warren on Trump's taxes: “People are going to keep demanding it”


Why Trump’s tax returns will keep causing Republicans headaches


Health insurers make case for subsidies, get little assurance from administration


What happens if places have no Obamacare insurers?


GOP rehashes its Obamacare repeal fail: the good, the bad, the ugly


Deportation of “dreamer” to Mexico appears to be first under Trump


Sanctuary cities debate has jurisdictions weighing whether to defend the policy


Border wall could cost three times estimates, Senate Democrats’ report says


How Trump’s “hire American” order may affect tech worker visas


The many ways in which Trump’s “buy American” mantra is hypocritical


Iranian-American groups seeking new ban on Trump travel order


Little tickets become big deal for some in Florida


Why slashing the NIH budget is indefensible


Trump wants to cut off poor people’s legal lifeline


A month after firing prosecutors, Justice does not have any U.S. attorneys in place


Congress is quietly trying to pass a “GI bill 3.0” by Memorial Day


Census watchers warn of a crisis if funding for 2020 count is not increased


Policy advisers urge Trump to keep U.S. in Paris accord


It’s not just Trump: With Brexit and France votes, Russia cultivates global right


On Russia, Trump and his top national security aides seem to be at odds


Two Russian bombers fly near Alaska, and U.S. scrambles jets


Aircraft carrier wasn’t sailing to deter North Korea, as U.S. suggested


Hand of U.S. leaves North Korea’s missile program shaken


Trump mulls U.S. military options for North Korea, all grim


Frankel’s advice to Trump on North Korea: Don’t be a “cowboy”


White House defends Trump’s congratulatory call to Turkey’s Erdogan


Trump administration grudgingly confirms Iran’s compliance with nuclear deal


Trump plays by his own rules (or no rules)


Bannon isn’t through with Trump yet


Trump's Mar-a-Lago visits generate buzz, cost millions


GOP senator: Trump should spend less time at Mar-a-Lago


Trump raised $107 million for inauguration, doubling record


Adelson gave $5 million for Trump’s inauguration


Ivanka Trump reportedly won China trademarks the day she dined with Xi Jinping


Ivanka Trump’s global reach, undeterred by a White House job


Trump’s billionaire adviser stands to gain from policies he helped shape




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