The Make Our Schools A Priority Rally was a Huge Success!




On Saturday, February 28, over six-thousand FEA union members converged on the UCF Arena.

Many traveled from as far away as Escambia, Okaloosa, Monroe, Broward, and Dade counties. Duval even showed up a in a "sea of green". There were teachers, custodians, professors, paraprofessionals, undergraduates, nurses, graduate students, maintenance workers, guidance counselors, therapists, secretaries, parents, community activists, county commissioners and city council members…

On a statewide level, a coalition of the superintendents, administrators, school boards and entire district-level management teams attended. As partners, they joined our coalition with  the PTA and NAACP, along with FEA students and retirees.

Everyone put aside their differences to demonstrate support for quality public education, and shared in an opportunity to strengthen relationships with each other and their communities. The rally was a show of true unionism, a spirit of cooperation and FEA at it's best--locals from across Florida working as one!

The rally success is proof that all Floridians are united in their common belief that our Legislature can and must do better by our children and our public schools. It's time to Make Our Schools A Priority!

Saturday's rally does not mark an end. It's merely one milestone on the journey to Make Our Schools A Priority. The success of the rally is due in large part to the conviction and dedication of our members.

The Legislative Session begins on Tuesday, March 3rd. We all know that the success of the Make Our Schools A Priority Rally happened because of the strength of FEA…

This Session, it is important that your voices and the ones heard at the rally on Saturday do not diminish. We must work together to keep our message loud! MAKE OUR SCHOOLS A PRIORITY! We need phone calls, letters, post cards, and emails from our members delivering our
message. We need for you to talk with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. Call your local talk radio; blog; tell your story and stay on the Make Our Schools A Priority message. That's how we will capture the legislature's attention.

We must remain focused, energized, and committed on the state and national levels. The momentum from the rally and the media coverage of our campaign presents a tremendous opportunity! Now is the best time to talk with potential members about becoming involved and joining our efforts to Make Our Schools A Priority. These difficult times are an opportunity for all of us to grow.

If you missed the rally, you can keep the pressure on and get involved in the campaign:

  • UFF is holding a march from FSU and FAMU that will join forces on the back steps of the Capitol as the Session begins;
  •  The students at UF are holding a rally to demonstrate against the proposed elimination of the undergraduate programs at College of Education and College of Nursing at UF;
  • The AFL-CIO is hosting the annual Legislative Conference that will culminate with PTA's Lobby Day Rally on March 18…

    But that's not all!
  • Help your local get involved in conducting on-going at home lobbying visits as part of the GREAT Lobbying program. Learn about your local's lobbyists team and how you can help them in Tallahassee during Session.

Here are the links to some terrific media coverage of Saturday's Make Our Schools A Priority Rally:,0,2481322.story,0,4253207.story

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