The Journey Less Traveled: Choose to Turn Your Tragedy into Triumph

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Turn Your Tragedy into Triumph … A simple phrase that motivates Loretta Harris to embrace the daily challenges of life. It is also part of a title of a new book, "The Journey Less Traveled: Choose to Turn Your Tragedy into Triumph", that could soon become a #1 Best Seller.

Harris, a teacher and member of the Osceola Classroom Teachers Association, shares an inspiring story that details her struggles and recovery. In 2006, she was involved in a fatal car accident that left her fighting for life. Through many challenges and setbacks, Harris has learned the importance of holding on and never giving up.

"Tragedy has no face and unfortunately bad things indeed happen to good people. Despite the obstacles, as long as there is breath in your body there is hope, says Harris. "I hope that people will be inspired to never give up, find the lesson in every situation, and even if it hurts, “Take the Journey Less Traveled and Choose to Turn Your Tragedy into Triumph!”

The book "The Journey Less Traveled: Choose to Turn Your Tragedy into Triumph", is a must read for anyone who has dealt with life’s tragic occurrences. Readers of all ages, cultures, and experiences will relate to one woman’s choice to triumph over her tragedy. This book has the potential to transform lives!

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I believe that millions of lives will be impacted after coming in contact with this book. Millions will give their heart to the Lord in confidence, knowing that if He did it for this woman of God; He can do it for them.
~ Bishop Edward A. Harris, Overseer First Apostolic Assembly of Pahokee
If you have gone through a tragic experience at any time in your life and have asked the question, Why Me? This book takes you on a journey where your answer is revealed. Loretta writes with such simplicity but yet strongly reaches into the heart of every struggle and gives hope of survival. This book opens a new dimension for those who make the choice to triumph in spite of life’s seasonal challenges. I highly recommend this book to those who view life as a journey and can acknowledge that even small victories leads to great triumphs.
~ Dr. Genevia Boyd, Dr. Genevia Boyd Ministries & People Who Care, Inc.
The Journey Less Traveled is an inspiring, uplifting account of an indomitable spirit, as well as a striking testament to the sheer power of human will. Readers will surely be enlightened by this compelling tale of someone who was thrust into the darkest recesses of earthly suffering and overcame it all with the force of a true spiritual soldier.
~ Heather Slocumb, APEX Reviews 5 Star Rating (
Loretta, your story is compelling, mesmerizing, inspiring and invigorating. Now I see why your head is held high and your internal peace is so glaring. Now I see why you walk like you ain't in no hurry for nothin'! Now I see why you have a permanent smile… you've had that ultimate interaction with God. You walk with purpose. And talkin' 'bout walkin'! Girl!!!! The photos inside your book are phenomenal! Your journal excerpts are phenomenal! Your words were so elegant and descriptive that I quickly developed those mental images. I mean, I can see you in that hospital bed, swollen, tubes, bandages, casts…. Pain…And then when your godmother talked about your hands/ fingernails… whew! God is doing His work through YOUR hands!

I could go on and on! My spirit has been touched! You have inspired me as an educator… as a future administrator… as a poet… as a mother… as a daughter… as sister… as a wife… as a friend… as a child of God. I'm inspired as a person who simply wants to hear from God and fulfill my purpose. Thank you for including your ritual of meditating, praying and talking to God. You make me wanna just stop everything and shout, HEY GOD! YOU HAVE BLESSED ME WITH MANY GIFTS AND TALENTS. I RECOGNIZE THEM AND I WANT TO USE THEM ALL…. I JUST NEED YOU TO PRIORITIZE MY LIFE. HELP ME TO FOCUS ON YOU AND YOUR WILL FOR MY LIFE!Loretta, seems like to me you're there. You've arrived. And although God has more for you to do- it's obvious 'cause you still here- He got you just where you need to be. Girl, that's my aspiration! I love you! I love your story! I love God for letting me know you… yeah, I know you now ;-) And as I revisit my list of those on purpose people who have inspired me- Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni and Oprah Winfrey… I must include the educator, author, publisher- Loretta "Faith" Harris… with a capital "F". ~ Dr. Darcova Triplett, Author of "Harmonious Contradictions" and Founder of Supergirl, Inc.
I have not been able to put the book down! It is riveting and has me spellbound. Your life-changing experience, coupled with your unwavering faith and excellent, wistful writing skills makes for a powerful, inspiring, reflective, and empowering testimonial.
You seem to have realized and obediently accepted your “purpose” in life, and I pray that you will continue to soar, to lead and to use your ministries, entrepreneurial efforts to impact lives. Spread the word and help others “Triumph over their tragedies/adversities.”
~ Dr. Sandra Davis, Nova Southeastern University
In "The Journey Less Traveled: Choose to Turn Your Tragedy into Triumph" by Loretta L. Harris she poignantly details tragedy and triumph after being involved in a major car accident with two of her students. An emotional rollercoaster ride, readers plunge into depression and suffering and experience the highs of recovery and triumph. "The Journey Less Traveled: Choose to Turn Your Tragedy into Triumph" is a powerful and excellent read. This book gave me a reality check. It made me look at all the things that are going on in my life and realize how grateful I should be. Had I experienced what Ms. Harris went through, I honestly don't think that I would have had the will power that she had. For those people that are not sure if there is a God or not, they need to read this book, because his power is felt in every page. I would recommend this book to anyone, especially someone going through a hard time in their life and they just don't see how they can make it. ~ Marcella, OOSA Book Club
This was truly an AWESOME book. I could not put the book down, in fact I read the entire book in one night. I was so blessed and so inspired. After finishing the book, I said to myself that there is nothing I cannot do or accomplish with God on my side. It was just an amazing book. I cried, I smiled, and I praised GOD for being the GOD that he is I have now passed the book on to someone they too can be blessed.
~ Donna A. Manning
“10 Thumbs Up!”
This book is truly a TESTIMONY for God’s people to read. It encourages me to keep walking no matter what God allows to come my way in life! This book has something for everyday living and prepares us for what we might face in life. The words in this book are filled with much HOPE. Thank you for being such an inspiration during this season and time in my life.
~ Pastor I. Nobles, Except the Lord Build the House Ministries

Loretta “Faith” Harris

The Journey Less Traveled: Choose to Turn Your Tragedy into Triumph
By, Loretta “Faith” Harris
Nominated a 5 STAR Book: OOSA Book Club, APEX Reviews

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