TFA Follows the Money

Teach for America solicits donations, public funds, finder fees while amassing $1 billion fortune, tax records show...


Teach For America is an organization that recruits new college graduates, gives them five weeks of training in a summer institute and then places them in some of America’s neediest schools, with only a two-year commitment. It is one of the most controversial school reform organizations operating today.


Critics say TFA's premise—that new teachers can succeed without substantial classroom training is  an insult to the professionally trained and state certified teachers. Without proper training, TFA teachers often shortchange their students and themselves because their first year struggles discourage them from staying in teaching. Too many TFA members (30 percent that first year, 12 percent on average overall) leave before completing their two-year commitment.

Yet, TFA attracts major contributions, both private and public. Read how TFA follows the money to amassed a fortune.


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