Teddy for Sandy Hook

FEA members reach out to show their compassion for their fellow colleagues and the students at Sandy Hook elementary school...

Send Your Teddy by
January 3, 2013:


Florida Education Association
Teddy for Sandy Hook
213 South Adams Street
Tallahassee, FL  32301

The recent incident at Sandy Hook has been hard to shake. It is a tragedy that will remain on all of our minds and hearts. The horrible loss has left many of us wondering how we can show our support and sympathy in a meaningful way, in the midst of such unbearable pain.

A member of the Marion Education Association has made a very heartfelt request to all teachers and education staff professionals in Florida. She's asking for us to  gather teddy bears to send to the students at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  In her words, “I feel the urge to do something but what I would like to see happen I can't do on my own.   I keep coming back to teddy bears.  It would be amazing and as we know a little form of comfort to all those children to walk into school their first day back and be handed a teddy bear as they walk through the door.  To me the teddy bear represents a powerful message of caring and support we as citizens of this country could give to this community.”  

President Ford, VP Joanne McCall and Sec-Treasurer Clara Cook agree with Laura Gilligan and have launched this challenge to our membership. We are asking for your support. Please take a moment this holiday season to think about the Sandy Hook community. Purchase a teddy bear for FEA and your local union to send to Connecticut. What a wonderful way to let the children know that so many people are thinking about them.

FEA has 100 locals. If every local donated  6 teddy bears we would have 600 bears which would just be about enough to give to every student and adult at Sandy Hook.

The day after Christmas when people are shopping for those deals buy a small teddy bear (one to hold and cuddle not anything too large) and send them to FEA, 213 South Adams Street, Tallahassee, FL  32301.    FEA will package them and ensure they are delivered to the students/adults at Sandy Hook.
Let’s make this a priority for those children to show our compassion for our fellow colleagues and the students they nurture each and every day.
We are asking to have the bears to FEA by 1/3/13 so we can ship them to Connecticut by January 7th.