Technology in the Classroom

10 Classroom Technology Tips


Embrace the new technology and look to people in your field already using it. is a good starting spot. 



Find your passion and explore its technological mate. Writing, music, crossword puzzles and mathematics all have technological applications, such as blogging, music videos and podcasting.



Children need to see the product. If you have them create something on the computer, be sure you can print a copy for them.



Start small and get a buddy. If you begin with something large you will end up with problems along the way and will likely become frustrated and eventually give up.




Create a personal network. Use a microblogging tool, such as or, to make virtual connections.



Show students the connection between the public library and Internet. Kids need to understand the difference between primary and secondary sources. Encourage students and parents to get and use a library card.



Always have a backup lesson plan. Web sites can go down or may be blocked at school.



Explore the Web. But keep Internet safety a priority. Watch for the April 9 New York Teacher for tips about protecting yourself and your students.



One of the Verizon Foundation's core initiatives to support literacy, education and technology is Click on the "Educator" link to access free resources geared toward teachers. Contact your local teacher center to request Thinkfinity training.



Visit for tips on using streaming videos in your class. and will show you more ways to bring technology into your classroom.


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