Teachers Respond to SB 6 and HB 7189

YOU DID IT! Teachers, parents, students, superintendents, principals, school board members, and community organizations all united together to beat Senate Bill 6.

The chorus in opposition has been loud, and forced  Governor Crist to listen. He made the correct decision. He vetoed SB6. 

See what happened across the state to persuade our Governor to do the right thing for students and teachers. Read a few of the articles and opinions at the bottom of the page. Then send us a comment. The area to post your comment is located at the bottom of the page.

Don't forget to contact the Governor to thank him for the veto and pledge your support.

And, don't forget to thank the legislators who worked to nix 6. Add your voice of dissatisfaction to those who voted in favor of SB6.

Read the final version of Senate bill 6

Alachua County

More than 200 Alachua County school employees rallied Wednesday against bills being considered
by the Florida Legislature.


Broward County

Broward teachers have been wearing black attire in a show of support and solidarity. Many have been dressed in black to protest the Legislature's passage last week of two education bills.
Read this Op-Ed by Broward President Pat Santeramo

Citrus County

Citrus High School Faculty members (Inverness, FL)  are seeing RED about House Bill 7189 and Senate Bill 6 and are demanding that the legislators and governor Vote NO on both House Bill 7189 and Senate Bill 6.


At another location, about 150 people took part in a successful rally at SR 44 and US 19, a major intersection in Citrus, waving signs and stopping cars. Citrus members handed out Veto SB6 fliers with information on how to contact the Governor. The response was very positive. They got great coverage from our friends at the local Fox station.

Columbia County

The Columbia CTA held a rally in Lake City along U.S. 90 with about 200 people waving signs, passing out fliers with Veto SB 6, and having a great time! The participants received a lot of support from the community based on the thumbs up, horn honking, and positive comments made by folks stopping to encourage us. The CTA was also joined by some supporters from Hamilton, Suwannee and Levy county unions.

Duval County

(click the picture to enlarge)


Multiple demonstrations are being held across Jacksonville to bring attention to this legislation.

See the video


Teachers at A1A and Atlantic Blvd handed out hundred a cards and leaflets to stopped cars:









Escambia County

escambia and santa rosa teachers protest sb6Escambia teachers joined their colleagues in Santa Rosa.They gathered at both ends of the Pensacola Bay bridge to protest the plan. Teachers waved at motorists and held signs stating, "We will remember in November" and "SB 6 is tyranny."


St. Petersburg Times - A weekend interview with Ron Meyer, lawyer for the Florida Education Association. (PDF version)



Flagler County

Sb6 opponents held an energetic rally with over 200 teachers and support staff in attendance, one school board member and their new school Superintendent.

Florida Parents

Listen to what these parents have to say after reading the bills and watching the legislature in action.

They are not union members. They are parents who are concerned about the implication behind this bill.
You can also find this video at:

Florida Teachers of the Year

Florida School Superintendents, Principals, and School Boards

The following district superintendents have demonstrated public opposition to SB 6:

Charlotte, Clay, Collier, Columbia, Desoto, Escambia, Lee, Leon, Okeechobee, Putnam, Pinellas


School boards opposing SB 6:

Charlotte, Desoto, Escambia, Lee, Nassau, Putnam


Hamilton County

Hamilton members joined their sister unions in Lake City. About 200 people waved signs and passed out fliers with Veto SB 6. The participants received a lot of support from the community based on the thumbs up, horn honking, and positive comments made by folks who stopped to encourage teachers. The group was also joined by some supporters from Columbia, Suwanee, and Levy county unions.

Hillsborough County

Tampa SB6 protest


Picketers waited for Crist as he made a scheduled appearance at an event in Tampa Friday.


Indian River County







“It’s not just teachers saying ‘No,’ said Beth Weatherstone, the president of the Indian River County Eduaction Association.
“It’s parents saying it. It’s students saying it. It’s just not a good bill.”






Lake County

In Lake, members sent mass email messages to the Governor…



“Please veto SB 6/HB 7189. Please listen to the teaching professionals who want realistic, affordable education redesign.Do not take away our certification if our students cannot demonstrate whatever learning gains will be dictated by Florida DOE.”

League of United Latin American Citizens

LULAC is concerned the legislation would hurt the gains made by English Language Learners and special-needs students, as well as the instructors who teach them.  Read their Statement

Lee County

Sb 6

Teachers, parents and students are part of a statewide movement to defeat Republican-led reform efforts.

Levy County

Members in Levy joined their sister union in Columbia at a rally in Lake City. About 200 people waved signs, passed out fliers with Veto SB 6, and had a great time! The participants received a lot of support from the community based on the thumbs up, horn honking, and positive comments made by folks who stopped to encourage teachers. The group was also joined by some supporters from Hamilton and Suwanee county unions.

Leon County

Members of the Leon Classroom Teachers Association hand delivered signed petitions and hundreds of VETO SB 6 postcards to Governor Crist as he attended a meeting of the Florida Cabinet.


The Governor left the meeting to accept the petitions and cards and spent about 30 minutes talking with the LCTA delegation.

Martin County






Hundreds of teachers and parents lined the intersection of U.S. 1 and Port St. Lucie Boulevard, as well as that of Midway Road at U.S. 1 waving signs in protest against Senate Bill 6, which would relate teacher pay to student test scores.







Click to See Video

Read more: http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2010/mar/25/florida-senate-passes-class-size-amendment-bill/

Miami-Dade County

(click the picture to enlarge)


More than 1,000 Miami-Dade teachers protested outside seven local lawmakers’ offices. The largest crowd of about 300 assembled outside state Sen. Rudy Garcia’s office in Hialeah and demanded the bill be stopped.

At Hialeah High, hundreds of students walked out of class at lunchtime to protest the proposed legislation.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/03/25/1548077_p2/anger-erupts-over-school-bills.html#ixzz0jLVn9gX2

Palm Beach County

Frustrated teachers call for a veto. 


Pasco County

Pasco teachers confront gov. Crist

Teachers from Pasco and other Bay area counties made a statement to Governor Crist, who was in town for attending a fundraiser.

Read more: http://www.wtsp.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=128056&catid=8

Pinellas County

Chanting “Gov. Crist pass teacher tenure bill you won’t pass November,” Pinellas teachers have been sending a veto message to Gov. Crist.


Polk County

Teacher and parents are putting their Spring break to good use. teachers at Rep. Kelli Stargel's home in Polk countyDozens gathered outside state Rep. KellyStargel's office to protest the proposed legislation. Armed with signs and wearing red shirts the group chanted, "Don't hurt teachers."
Read More: http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=389x8049535









Teachers gather in Winter Haven







United in Winter Haven, teachers gain support from motorist.









Seminole County

Seminole PTA/SEA Rally - Parents are standing up and supporting teachers. The group caught public attention with a 6’ flashing sign, “VETO SB6” facing the streets and a large PTA banner.  Lots of car and truck honks.  This was our second Rally, the first one being at Lee Constantine’s office.  The teachers took individual pictures holding their signs in front of his office on their cell phones and immediately emailed to Tallahassee.  A six-foot petition was signed by all the teachers at the rally and delivered to Constantine’s office.  The media interviewed Constantine about our event.  He said if a test is good enough for a student, it should be good enough for a teacher. This was followed up with teachers gathering on the main road in front of the Altamonte Mall with sign waving.  Seminole teachers are twittering, interviewing with the media, are on all the blogs, writing letters to the newspapers and legislators, have lobbied in Tallahassee, and participated in the Virtual Rally.  They are holding emailing after-school parties everyday along with making their phone calls.  This is “wear red” week, and Friday everyone is wearing black. 

Sumter County

Principals, parents, and students from Marion and Sumter counties joined teachers at the Villages in Sumter county to catch Marco Rubio on his campaign bus tour. The Villages is considered a GOP stronghold. Remember, Rubio is running against Governor Crist for a U.S. Senate seat. FoxNew's conservative commentator, Sean Hannity was also there taping his show, and Rubio was his first interview. Every time the camera switched from Hannity to Rubio, members appeared in the background, just over Rubio’s left shoulder, holding up a sign.  One read “I Teach, I Vote, Nix Six” and the other was the red stop sign with “Veto SB6.” When Rubio left the stage and went toward his bus to start the tour, they were right in front of him with the Nix SB-6 signs – Rubio never made eye contact with them.

Suwanee County

Members in Suwannee joined their sister union in Columbia at a rally in Lake City. About 200 people waved signs, passed  out fliers with Veto SB 6, and had a great time! The participants received a lot of support from the community based on the thumbs up, horn honking, and positive comments made by folks who stopped to encourage teachers. The group was also joined by some supporters from Hamilton and Levy county unions.

St. Lucie County

See Pictures from the Demonstration

United Faculty of FloridaSB6

Read this UFF Op-Ed

Volusia County

Angry Volusia teachers rail against merit-pay plan


Russ Lemmon: Teachers Win First Battle in What Likely Will Be Long War 


Open Letter to Our Legislature: from a teacher


Crist Caught Between Teachers and His Party


Crist Reviews Teacher Merit Pay Bill



At campaign stops, Crist hears pleas to veto teacher tenure bill






How To (Actually) Fix Florida Schools


School reform does not begin with standardized tests


Teachers' target: Atwater: If they want revenge, he's their candidate.


Teacher merit pay; try again


Teaching colleges anticipate taking a hit


Bad idea deserves a thrashing

Read More: http://www.tampabay.com/opinion/columns/bad-idea-deserves-a-thrashing/1077465

Anti-teacher tack: Bill would undermine hiring, retention

Read More: http://www.news-journalonline.com/opinion/editorials/2010/03/15/anti-teacher-tack.html

Parents question Senate education bill, say effective teachers could be lost

Read more:http://www.nwfdailynews.com/news/teachers-27348-lost-aren.html

Eliminate tenure, but don't trample teachers


Teachers have their say!


Anger erupts over school bills in Florida Legislature

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/03/25/1548077_p2/anger-erupts-over-school-bills.html#ixzz0jLVMXuqs

Tallahassee Democrat - SB 6 Has Many Questions and Offers Few Answers


Florida Times Union - Senate Bill 6: Teachers Unfairly Singled Out


Washington Post - Disaster for Florida Teachers


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To the Chamber of Commerce. We all want quality teachers. This bill will do just the opposite. No teacher in their right mind would come to work in Florida on a 5 year probabtion and then an annual contract. This state will be a cess pool of underqualified left over teachers. Don't we all pay a role in the scores of our schools: student, teacher, family, and community. Why single out one group as "the reason" You end of the year tests are going to be as much of a joke as the FCAT is. Other states look at Florida and shake their heads at the idiots who are funding education. Present teachers are doing a phenomenal job with the poorest funding in the nation. If the Chamber of Commerce supports this bill I will personally and also urge others to not use or frequent your businesses, unless of course as a member of the community you can demonstrate clearly your role in test scores and base your salary on this piece of information--Please get real. posted Sunday, April 4th 2010 at 18:33pm by Rochelle C
posted Wednesday, April 14th 2010 at 17:55pm by Tina D