Teacher Contracts in Jeopardy

If you are a current first, second and possibly third year annual contract teacher working to obtain your PSC, Florida Legislators are working to take that right away, too!

Members of the House are poised to vote on ending Professional Service Contracts (PSC) for all current first, second and possibly third teachers.  Take Action - Contact your legislator, Today.


One of the questions FEA has received about SB 736 is whether or not current first and second year teachers will be eligible for Professional Service Contracts (PSC) (See Frequently Asked Questions #28). 


CS/HB 7087/7091* aims to end that speculation by eliminating the language which would allow first and second year teachers to be eligible for PSC.   These bills have sped through the legislature and are scheduled to be heard on the Floor of the House on Tuesday, March 29 with final vote by the House likely on Wednesday, March 30.


These bills repealed some obsolete language for programs which were no longer funded or under-utilized.  As legislators went through the amendment process with these bills it became clear they were trying to ensure that PSC would not be available for current first or second year annual contract teachers.  This group of teachers, if these bills pass both House and Senate, will only be eligible for annual contracts.  When these teachers were first hired, they were told that after 3 years of successful service they would be eligible for PSC. 



Take Action - Contact your House Representative, Today. 

Tell them to stop the attacks on teachers. Let them know that you have worked hard to earn your Professional Service Contract. You deserve to obtain it and keep it. This is nothing more than another broken promise.

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